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Returncode (%ERRORLEVEL%)


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I have a littel script:

AutoItSetOption("MustDeclareVars", 1)

#include <AutoItConstants.au3>
#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>

Local $iReturn  ; Returnwert
Local $iVar     ; Variable
Local $iBit     ; Bitnummer


Switch $Cmdline[1]

    Case 1
        $iReturn=BitOr ($ivar,2^$iBit)

    Case 2
        $iReturn=BitAnd ($iVar,2^$iBit)
        if ($iReturn = 2^$iBit ) Then


Exit $iReturn

which does bit handling. It works as desired but: If I want to check the Returncode of the EXE created in the calling batch within an if-clause %ERRORLEVEL% does not match the Returncode  of my script (calling outside of an if-clause works as desired).

My assumption for this behaviour is: I do not use  enabledelayedexpansion  in my batch-system and thus this special "variable" %ERRORLEVEL% is not defined in the if-clause. If my assumption is correct: How can I retransfer the Returncode to batch?

Thanks - Michael

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here is and example.bat

@echo off
echo %errorlevel%

here is the code for the determineactivekeyboardlayout.exe

Exit (@KBLayout)


Here is a code which will put the errorlevel into a variable 

@echo off
set hi=
set hi=%errorlevel%
echo %hi%


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Some of my script sourcecode

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Thanks - but this is well known and does noch solve my problem described.

In the meantime I found a (the?) solution: I use a batch--wrapper for my lttle script:

set __R_TEMP=%2
@echo %_R_SPS%\progs_common\pr_bithandling.exe 1 %__R_TEMP% %3
      %_R_SPS%\progs_common\pr_bithandling.exe 1 %__R_TEMP% %3


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