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Hi all,

[Note: This is designed for MY PC if I get enough interest I may optimize it for other people's/make it universal.]

This is an example script (purely a concept)

Examples below.

Please read the concept idea before using.

You will need all the below files for it to work (Bar the source code.)

Please note that while I am giving access to this any damage done is not to be held to my accountabilitiy, additionally, please do not claim this is your own, and if you do improve on this it would be great to give some credit to me :D. You may give this away freely and are free to do what you wish with this.

Have fun with the code and enjoy.

Background for concept:

I started designing this to be a Windows 8 start menu, one of my mates asked me if he could use it, also asked me to put it on the web somewhere, and I no longer use windows 8 (that yucky OS! I hope most of you will agree with me on that.) I guess you could say, it's like the windows 95/98 start menu in looks, a but yuck. Anyway have fun and enjoy.

I may optimize this for other PCs if I get enough interest.



Start Menu Concept1.au3

Start Menu Concept1.exe

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On 8/4/2016 at 11:30 AM, argumentum said:


Question: what is "lua gui" ?

Much like an Autoit GUI except it is written in Lua instead of Autoit.

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