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Detecting child window

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Hello guys,

I am new to Autoit and also not so old in programming. So please pardon my inadequacy. I am trying to automate a third party windows application that is written in C# and requires .net to run and I am using Python's Autoit module to do it. The problem I am facing is, when clicking in a control a child window appears with some options and normally you can not select the parent window by clicking when the child window is open. you have to close the child window to access the parent window. But, using 'win_wait' or 'win_activate' I am unable to activate the child window. 'win_active' returns the title of parent window and 'win_activate_by_handle' is also not working because i think it is unable to recognize this child window. If you use win_wait the script just keeps waiting or running. 

So is there anyway solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.


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Hello. What kind of child windows is? Does it has a title?




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Welcome @Adnan, look for the AutoIt Window Info tool on your PC.

Use it to get info from your target Window.  That will give you a whole lot of info, including Title, Class and Handle.  That info can then be used to do manipulate the Window.


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The child window has a title. I am attaching a screenshot of parent and child window if that is any help. I have tried using Autoit Window Info tool but it is not particularly useful for this software. It shows title of the window but can not detect controls.


parent and child window.jpg

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