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AutoIt Excel COM usage.

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I have been searching for an answer from the past two days.

Please let me know if anyone could help me on this?

here is my code;

Local $aTableData = _IETableWriteToArray($oTab, True)
Local $iRows = UBound($aTableData, $UBOUND_ROWS)
$oExcel = ObjCreate("Excel.Application")
With $oExcel
    .Visible = True
Global $xlMaximized = -4137
$oExcel.Application.Activewindow.WindowState = $xlMaximized
For $i = 1 To $iRows - 1
                  $oExcel.ActiveSheet.Cells($i,1).Value = $aTableData[$i][1]
                  $oExcel.ActiveSheet.Cells($i,2).Value = $aTableData[$i][3]
                  $oExcel.ActiveSheet.Cells($i,3).Value = $aTableData[$i][4]
                  If $aTableData[$i][3] == " Running" And $aTableData[$i][4] == " Enabled"  Then
                               $oExcel.ActiveSheet.Cells($i,4).Value = "All OK"
                               $oExcel.ActiveSheet.Cells($i,4).Interior.ColorIndex = 4
                               $oExcel.ActiveSheet.Cells($i,4).Value = "Not OK"
                               $oExcel.ActiveSheet.Cells($i,4).Interior.ColorIndex = 3

Till here my code works perfectly.

now i`m trying to activate my source bring out the data into an array and do the same thing again but this time i wanted add the data to the same excel as above but in the next sheet and then save the excel.


Could anyone guide me on this?


Thanks you very mcuh in advance.

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Hello, and welcome.  Have you taken a look at the Excel UDF in the help file?  It uses a COM approach and has many functions pre-packaged.  There is also a wiki with lots more examples.  _Excel_RangeRead has a workbook and worksheet parameter and will read your range as an array.

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