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Getting information from a program

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(first post)

What i am trying to do is get text from a tab on a program that i am trying to write an automation script for.

(this program isn't a basic windows program)

A little bit about this program:

There are windows elements there such as dropdown lists and buttons but this program is using tabs that they have created and there is no short cut to selecting each tab.

So what i am trying to do is get the script to read the program and find what the tab name is and then select it with the mouse by find the x,y of where the tab is.

(sorry doesn't make sense)

But if anyone has any ideas or would like me to explain let me know.

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The first thing you can do is to investigate whether the controls in the window is recognized by the AutoIt Window Info Tool. Can the tool identify the tab items and the names of the tab items?

If the tool can recognize the controls, you can use Windows and Controls functions to automate the controls.

If the tool does not recognize the controls, we've heavier weapons available. But you should start with the classic functions.

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