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Function is always returning 'True', no matter what.

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I've been trying to fix this all day but I can't even find the problem. I'm trying to get the position and color of a specific pixel, then find out if the pixel is still the same color after a while. I'm going absolutely crazy, I've got other very similar parts of code that work fine in the same script, but for some reason this specific part always returns true. Does this also return true no matter what for you guys or is it just me?

$test = MouseGetPos()
sleep(5000) ; I move my mouse away during this time to avoid its interference with the pixel color
$testcolor = PixelGetColor($test[0],$test[1])
If $testcolor == PixelGetColor($test[0],$test[1]) Then
    msgbox(1, "title", "the value is true")


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It must be true as you are asking both times the same coord. But to automate a app with one of the ugly func's like PixelGetColor is normaly not needed. Most serious apps can be automated by native AutoIt func's or already written UDF's. May be it takes a bit longer to prog, but it runs on same OS-Arch on every pc. So please name the app to get better help.

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Sorry, I should have mentioned that during this part of the code:


I make sure that the specific pixel has changed color (I went as far as making my whole screen blue, recorded the pixel color, then made my whole screen red and it still returned true) , I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

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