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Duplicate function name

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Could someone please explain to me how you can use Func_SearchLastState more than once in the same script.

My situation is I am trying to use it in the same script under different case scenarios:


Case 1


Case 2



Even though these are under different case scenarios the Func_SearchLastState is getting picked up as a duplicate function name.

How can I use this function more than one in my script without getting the error?

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You are declaring two functions with the same name by using the keyword "Func".  The $sMachine and $sLaptop are arguments for that function.  I am not sure where you got the _SearchLastState function - but you don't need to keep declaring it with that keyword.  Instead, just do _SearchLastState($sMachine) and _SearchLastState($sLaptop).  Posting the whole script would also help give you a more precise answer.

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