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Everyday tool - looking for ideas

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I created a tool that I have been using for a little while and I am not getting any new ideas from my coworkers, so thought I would ask you guys. This tool is just to make my life easier with everyday tasks, some I might never use, but they are there in case I need them. Here is a list of some of the tools that I call the base...for my job, I have other functions, but I did not list them, as they are proprietary:


Does anyone have any ideas on what to add?


Utilities so far...most are done with hotkeys


Keep from minimizing a window

Keep window from going to sleep, used in rdp sessions, send a down key, to keep it active

Schedule an alarm/alert for a day\time in the future

Reminder - can add, change time, reset, remove timer

Screen Capture, captures screen into the clip board to paste it, also can be sent to a file, Coded by UEZ build 2011-02-27

ASCII paste, to just get the text pasted, rather than the formatted text

UpperCase the clipboard

LowerCase the clipboard

Vertical text changer, change a horizontal list (separated by comma, or whatever) to vertical list

Horizontal text changer, change a Vertical list (separated by comma, or whatever) to Horizontal list

Define word, highlight word to get definition

Personal Clipboard keeper, keeps up to 10 separated clipboard items to be pasted when needed - does not keep in memory after program ends...might change this per user

SyncIt - Coded by Ian Maxwell (llewxam @ www.autoitscript/forum)

Kill Lotus Notes

Kill Shoretell communicator

How long between dates...finds time between two dates\times

TimeStamp...like notepads F5


Working on...Thesaurus look up, SecretSanta (taken from the forum, but have to look up who wrote most of it), integrating an INI updater for use with documents used all the time, 

Stuff disabled...send screen shot via Outlook every hour...




All by me:

"Sometimes you have to go back to where you started, to get to where you want to go." 

"Everybody catches up with everyone, eventually" 

"As you teach others, you are really teaching yourself."

From my dad

"Do not worry about yesterday, as the only thing that you can control is tomorrow."



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AutoIt Snippets | Multple Guis | Interrupting a running function | Another Send

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Excel Changes




GDI Basics


GDI Rotate

GDI Graph

GDI  CheckExistingItems

GDI Trajectory

Replace $ghGDIPDll with $__g_hGDIPDll

DLL 101?

Array via Object

GDI Swimlane

GDI Plus French 101 Site

GDI Examples UEZ

GDI Basic Clock

GDI Detection

Ternary operator

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