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ShellExecute parameters not working on some PCs

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I am trying to pass some parameters to another script using ShellExecute, thisworks fine on Win10 but not on Win7.

I have cut the code down to the bare minimum to illustrate the problem. This is the code with ShellExecute

$test_Params = "a b"
ShellExecute("shellexecute_test.au3", $test_Params)

This is the code that is being called (shellexecute_test.au3):


The win7 PC reports 0, Win10 reports 2

Could there be a permissions issue?
Is there another way to make this work?

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It runs, I get a message box with 0 in it (which would be correct when launching it this way). If it wasn't launching correctly I wouldn't get the msgbox at all with the shellexecute method :) 

I'm actually double-clicking the au3 with the shellExecute in it as it happens.
If I compile shellexecute_test it works, but this isn't convenient for debugging :( 

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Try running the *.exe script "as administrator" .  If that solves the problem, it could be the particular AnitVirus program installed on the PC that is interfering with program operation or it could be the security settings of Windows itself.




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@weirddave hi

did you checked the ps restriction ?

do you execute the powershell command in the rigth directory ? 

Is powershell installed on w7 computer also ? 

If no you have to import powershell module 

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Regedit told me that the key was set to  "C:\engsys\AutoIt\AutoIt3.exe" "%1"

I have changed it to "C:\engsys\AutoIt\AutoIt3.exe" "%1" %*

which seems to have fixed it. 

Interestingly, my key name was HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\AutoIt3.exe\shell\open\command

I suspect what I've done is associate au3 files with the exe rather than install autoit on this particular PC. It's coming back to me now, the admin doesn't want to see "random" installs that aren't on the approved list and C:\engsys is ignored by the virus protection here ;) 

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