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ThunderBird to Tray

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gmail does not allow to things that a regular email client do, so, thunderbird is a good option.

But ThunderBird does not have a minimize to tray option. There are plugins but I read around forums and they have problems depending on the version, so, I wrote a non-plugin solution to my wanting.

Sources and compiled executable files are at https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/files/file/438-thundrebirdtotray/

The tray icons are:

Pruple = ThunderBird is not running. A double click will run it.
Blue = ThunderBird is visible. A double click will hide it
Green = ThunderBird is hidden. A double click will unhide it.

Right click will show a menu to:

Minimize to tray.
Show/hide ( just as a double click on the tray icon would )
Compose a new email.
Browse some folders that may be of interest.

In new version 0.2017.3.11
added: command line options /RunAs "UserName" [/minimized] [/hidden].
  the user/password is saved encrypted to the ini file to each user's configuration.
added: -purgecaches as its needed from time to time to clear the javascript cache.
fixed: "dyslexia induced" misnamed files.
added: browse startup folders


PS: I run this from "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird" but I guess you can run it from anywhere. The features implemented are those to fit my needs. If you'd like to add a feature, I could go the extra mile line of code and add it. You may even make me aware of things that can be done, and be of use, that I did not know at the time of coding this.

Edited by argumentum
clarify a bit what it is

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√-1 2^3 ∑ π, and it was delicious!

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Ah, bad timing on my part :)

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√-1 2^3 ∑ π, and it was delicious!

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Been using this for a while now...

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I needed to run this as another user ( as Admin ), so I added the functionality, to ease the burden to have to type the password each time. I can now also put a shorcut in the startup :) 
Added the ability to run -purgecaches, which fixes some troubles with the javascript cache ( as far as I read ), so it may come in handy.
And since I was at it, to start minimized or hidden. ( tho, now that I think about it, the /h or /m will only work with RunAs, for non-RunAs, the whole /minimized or /hidden must be used , .... I'll fix that some time soon )

so, new version 0.2017.3.10 on the first post.

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      Hello together,
      I am searching for hours in the web and this forum too but no articles helps really.
      In the background Thunderbird is running and receives mails and fax (as PDF mails). If a specific mail will be received and the rules detect this mail an external program will be executed. The external program is the AutoIt script. Execution will be okay but the result is not okay: If the button $btnShowMailProg is pressed: The Thunderbird should appear to show the important mail.
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    • Marc
      By Marc
      Profiler - yet another backup script for Firefox and Thunderbird profiles
      It automatically detects the last recently used profile directories of Firefox and Thunderbird (installed versions, no portables).
      Clicking the Backup-Button creates a complete Backup of the found profiles with a timestamp.
      Restore deletes the according profile dir and extracts the content of the selected archive into the profile directory.
      Uses Winrar as compression tool, but feel free to change it to your needs
      Best regards

    • argumentum
      By argumentum
      So, Thunderbird does not have a minimize to tray option. Here is a handler to do just that.
      More info. at https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/187431-thundrebird-to-tray/
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      Hi all,

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      I have no specific requisites about the email client, it could be outlook, thunderbird, or other. It would be okay as well to read the email header only from an online gmail account.

      I know it is possible with a gmail account (there are severals widgets that can do that) but I was wondering if this can be done using autoit ? My programming knowledge is very poor, and I doubt I can go through the use of Google APIs for this.