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_INetGetSource @extended returning different bytes

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I was playing around with _INetGetSource(), and just seeing how it returned the bytes. It doesn't seem to return what I would expect, though. For example, I loaded up http://asdf.com/aboutasdf.html, and viewed the page source. Copy/ pasted that into a Notepad++ document, and I get a length of 2,481 characters > 2,481 bytes. When I do:

#include <Inet.au3>

Global $sSource, $sSite = "http://asdf.com/aboutasdf.html"
Global $iBytes

$sSource = _INetGetSource($sSite) ;Get the page source for the account
If Not @error Then ;As long as nothing goes wrong
    $iBytes += @extended ;Get number of bytes returned
    MsgBox(0, '', $iBytes & @CRLF & $sSource) ;Number of bytes, and the source

I get a return of 2,391 bytes (missing 90 bytes) from the @extended when I run _INetGetSource(). If I put the page source into my clipboard and paste that into the Notepad++ document, I still get 2,479 (it removed the top blank line that I get when selecting all from the page source in my browser). So the source that I copy from my browser, and that AutoIt puts in my clipboard is ~2,480 bytes. So, why is the @extended returning 2,391? Maybe I'm just missing something.

On just http://asdf.com/ it returns 1,892, which I get when copy/pasting as well, from the script and from the browser.



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      Tell me, please, who knows why the function does not work with the specified site? _INetGetSource ("https://residence.biz.ua/")
      It is necessary to work with the protocol https. What is the problem?
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      Good Morning AutoIT Geniuses! 
      Now, it could be that I've been away for a while - but I can get source from just about any website except adobe using InetGetSource.
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      Good Morning All AutoIT Gurus,
      Does anyone know how I can get the right responses for Inet.au3 or IE.au3 for sites that check your browser, os, etc using Javascript? For some reason the source is empty using the built-in tools in AutoIT... doesn't contain the version information when reading using inetgetsource or iedocreadhtml ... The point is to find out the latest version automatically using AutoIT tools. 
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      UPDATE: I believe it's this file that determines what OS, language, x32, x64, browser, etc that you are using and then reports it back...
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