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Detect Resolution and change coordinates using elseif statements

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I have a script that has to work on multiple resolutions but each resolution has slightly different co-ordinates due to automatic UI scaling. I have had to make separate files for each but would like to implement them all in one script. I have a similar program written for Java which uses else if statements to use different co-ordinates for each resolution after it has been detected. I'm not good with Java so I would like to implement this on AutoIt before later making a Java version.


This is a snippet of the autoit code I have.

ToolTip("1 - Search")
MouseClick("Left", @DesktopWidth *0.823, @DesktopHeight *0.925, 1, 25)

ToolTip("2 - Buy Now")
MouseClick("Left", @DesktopWidth *0.83, @DesktopHeight *0.798, 1, 27)

ToolTip("3 - OK")
MouseClick("Left", @DesktopWidth *0.555, @DesktopHeight *0.596, 1, 15)

ToolTip("4 - OK Clear Error")
MouseClick("Left", @DesktopWidth *0.49, @DesktopHeight *0.597, 1, 30)

ToolTip("5 - Back to Search")
MouseClick("Left", @DesktopWidth *0.161, @DesktopHeight *0.108, 1, 15)


This is a snippet of a java code I used.


private static void goToSearch(double maxX, double maxY, Robot bot) throws InterruptedException {

    int currentX = 0;

    int currentY = 0;

    if (maxX == 2650 && maxY == 1440) {

        currentX = 734;

        currentY = 1316;

    } else if (maxX == 1920 && maxY == 1200) {

        currentX = 551;

        currentY = 1096;

    } else if (maxX == 1920 && maxY == 1080) {

        currentX = 551;

        currentY = 1042;

    } else if (maxX == 1680 && maxY == 1050) {

        currentX = 482;

        currentY = 959;

    } else if (maxX == 1440 && maxY == 900) {

        currentX = 413;

        currentY = 822;

    } else if (maxX == 1366 && maxY == 768) {

        currentX = 392;

        currentY = 741;

    } else if (maxX == 1280 && maxY == 800) {

        currentX = 367;

        currentY = 731;

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@ags911 can you please explain what your end goal is with the AutoIt script? There is almost certainly a much better way of accomplishing what you're after than with unreliable MouseClicks based on screen resolution (as you are finding out).

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Thanks for the reply. Please find the file attached. The mouse interacts with different elements onscreen of an online game via google chrome. Do you have anything in mind? The elements change and scale slightly for each resolution so I've had to compile a different script for each. The idea was that I could put everything into one simple script that detects the monitor resolution and automatically uses the script for that resolution.

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Unfortunately, you seem to have missed the forum rules during your time here. Please read them now, especially the part on game automation, and you will see why this thread is now locked.

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