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Not able to identify the controls of the application

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  • I have an application which is built using Codejock controls. When I tried to locate the element using the Finder tool of AutoIt v3 it gives information about window on Window tab of AutoIt application. But Control tab is empty. 
  • Finder tool is unable to locate the element. It is highlighting the complete window.





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Hello. Check FAQ 31



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Danyfirex, I have to say the most useful thing I found on that list is the .NET CLR stuff for .NET apps and whatnot. as for spy tools, I only have what MS gives us and the AutoIt stuff. That Control Viewer is really nice too, but does not reveal any app info for WPF applications, at this time.

this was the reason I switched from AutoIt to VS 2017 Coded UI projects. I need to support everything our developers release. that includes everything from old vb6 to WinForms and now WPF

I like that Inspect.exe that comes with the Windows SDKs for the really new stuff. Like for talking to office apps and whatnot.

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