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Image Search HELP, Find multiple locations of the same "image"

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Here is the thing, I have a picture that has "duplicate" items of what I am searching for.

I used the windows "paint" to crop a small section of the OVERALL screenshot to use as my search item.

Now, I have NO issues running the script, as it finds what I am looking for RIGHT AWAY!!! YEAH!!!!

But if I were to edit the original picture and "remove" the 1st image it finds (the one I "cropped" out) and run the script again, it never finds any of those duplicate images and they are a direct copy & paste of the original image i am trying to find.

$result = _ImageSearch($picture,0,$x1,$y1,100,0)

Is there any other Image Search au3 out there that can made find multiple versions of an image?

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    • By Zag8888
      I downloaded: https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/files/file/471-image-search-udf/
      I have also added #include "_ImageSearch.au3" and "_ImageSearchDebug.au3" to my script.
      My script its in the same folder of _ImageSearcha.au3,_ImageSearchDebug.au3 (with dll files etc.)
      Every time I try to run my script I get: Line48 Error: Unknown function name.
      While(_ImageSearch(Seach_1.bmp, 0) And _ImageSearch(Seach_2.bmp, 0) <> True) Sleep(100) WEnd ;Sleep until you see this 2 image If(_ImageSearch(Seach_1.bmp, 0) And _ImageSearch(Seach_2.bmp, 0) = True)Then  
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      Hello All,
      I'm using "ImageSearch2015.au3" and i'm trying to figure out WHY, for the life of me, I can't find an image is hidden.
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      _ImageSearchAreaHidden("C:\icon.png", 1, 0, 0, 800, 600, $x1, $y1, 80, 0) Func _ImageSearchAreaHidden($findImage, $resultPosition, $x1, $y1, $right, $bottom, ByRef $x, ByRef $y, $tolerance, $transparency = 0) Local $h, $result local $TestScreen = "C:\TestScreen.png" ;previsous screenshot of the image looking for, fully visible If Not FileExists($findImage) Then Return "Image File not found" If $transparency <> 0 Then $findImage = "*" & $transparency & " " & $findImage If $tolerance < 0 Or $tolerance > 255 Then $tolerance = 0 If $h_ImageSearchDLL = -1 Then _ImageSearchStartup() If $tolerance > 0 Then $findImage = "*" & $tolerance & " " & $findImage $result = DllCall($h_ImageSearchDLL, "str", "ImageSearchEx", "str", $TestScreen, "int", $x1, "int", $y1, "int", $right, "int", $bottom, "str", $findImage) If @error Then Return "DllCall Error=" & @error If $result = "0" Then Return False $array = StringSplit($result[0], "|") If (UBound($array) >= 4) Then $x = Int(Number($array[2])) ; Get the x,y location of the match $y = Int(Number($array[3])) If $resultPosition = 1 Then $x = $x + Int(Number($array[4]) / 2) ; Account for the size of the image to compute the centre of search $y = $y + Int(Number($array[5]) / 2) EndIf Return True EndIf EndFunc ;==>_ImageSearchAreaHidden Now when the folder with the icon is completely visible, it finds the icon without any issues, however if I cover up the icon, it no longer finds the image in the folder.
      Any ideas?
    • By computergroove
      I am trying to integrate imagesearch into a script I am making. When I try to compile the script I get the following inside imagesearch.au3 under all 4 of the imagesearch.au3 defined functions:
      "Error: Missing separator character before keyword"
      I tried the beta version of Autoit and it is doing the same thing. I am using the x32 version of the imagesearch.au3 found here - https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiUmsrEsLzPAhWs7YMKHS9MClQQFggfMAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.autoitscript.com%2Fforum%2Ftopic%2F148005-imagesearch-usage-explanation%2F&usg=AFQjCNFwpFnZMxVK9H4cDASRnjiB-65gOw&bvm=bv.134495766,d.amc
      I have put the imagesearchDLL.dll in both the includes directory and the system32 directory. I am using x64 Windows 8.1 Pro. I cant see anything wrong. Please help.
    • By billshu
      Does anyone have experience with transparency on _ImageSearch?  The code attached finds the image "base.bmp" but at position 0,0 not near the center of the screen as it appears. My goal is to find the Big Blue "G" regardless of the background.  I have not yet found the base image, so I have not tested changing the background. Do you have to use image formats that support transparency?  If so, how would you capture the image from within autoit code and set the transparency color?
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