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Aut2exe.exe ended errors when compiling with large fileinstall

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I get the "Unable to add resources" error related to AppData\Local\AutoIt v3\Aut2Exe when compiling with a large FileInstall of a 1.5GB file.  Is there a size limit I need to be aware of?  I've also disabled or removed Trend from three different machines and had the same results.  I've had issues like this in the past but have compiled after the Aut2Exe folder was excluded in AV.  That doesn't seem to be the problem this time around.  If I comment out the FileInstall the script compiles successfully.

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I regularly compile large AutoIt applications with lots of files totalling around 25 Mb for the compiled exe. One cause may be your anti virus program trying to check you newly compiled application before AutoIt has finished including all the files needed for fileinstall.  

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I would never make a compiled script with a 1.5gb "attachment"!
What I have done is the past is zip up 1.5Gb file and distribute that together with the installer script to all PC's for a software upgrade.The advantage of that approach was that I could update the script logic without have to distribute the large installer file again.

Why do you want to include this size file in the actual compiled script?  


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Bowmore... I've already exhausted AV as the cause by having the folder excluded and also testing on a machine with no AV.

Jos... Management wanted one installer (O365) for low bandwidth locations in South America.  I was initially able to compile with large fileinstalls but have had this error crop up more recently.  As it turns out we have already started to go in the direction you did by separating the large fileinstall from the main script.  they just have to place the file in the right spot for the script to find it.

Thanks for the input guys!


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