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Where is the Y position for _WinAPI_TextOut

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The _WinAPI_TextOut() function requires a x/y point.  In a rectangle enclosing a text character, where is the x/y point, upper left or lower left?  I'm trying to setup a function to print a header, then normal text lines, and I want the header to be at the top of the printable area on a page..  I use _WinAPI_GetDeviceCaps() to get the start of the printable area.  Then at the start of each page, I want to print a header, then text lines.

$iLeftMargin_X = _WinAPI_GetDeviceCaps($hDC, $PHYSICALOFFSETX) ; returns 151
$iTopMargin_Y = _WinAPI_GetDeviceCaps($hDC, $PHYSICALOFFSETY) ; returns 70

; print the header:
$x = $iLeftMargin_X
$y = $iTopMargin_Y
WinAPI_TextOut($hDC, $x , $y, "header text")

; print the first text line
$y += 22
WinAPI_TextOut($hDC, $x , $y, "The first text line")

Will the header text be at the physical top of the printable area or will it be 1 text line lower.  It all depends on whether $iTopMargin_Y refers to the top of the text or the bottom of the text.

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As with all these types of questions the answer is to try it and see where the text is placed.
From MSDN 


For printing devices: the distance from the top edge of the physical page to the top edge of the printable area, in device units. For example, a printer set to print at 600 dpi on 8.5-by-11-inch paper, that cannot print on the topmost 0.5-inch of paper, has a vertical physical offset of 300 device units.

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