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as a start in Autoit i tried something i was missing since im using Autoit. 

I build a custom MessageBox which has a large amount of custom options and which scales its size on the parameters you set. 

Aviable Settings:

-Unlimited Buttons

-Text Color (Buttons, Text)

-Background Color (Msgbox, Buttons, Label) 

-Button Timeout

-Autoclose Timeout

-Icon (Default, No Icon, Custom)

-Label/ Button Style. 


I tried to keep this as close as i could to a Msgbox i was used too on my batch times.

After i was ready i realised, @Melba23 probably build a way better msgbox which would have suit my needs enterly, anyway thanks to @Melba23 because i use his Stringsize UDF. 



local $Message = _sMsgBox("Test", 6, "Continue?")
        if @extended <> -1 Then MsgBox(0, @extended, $Message&" Button pressed")



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