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Advice for Getting Started with Android Development

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I am a huge autoit fan and have written several graphical apps.  I would love to get started building simple and complex android apps.  I am hoping someone here can recommend a good platform to get started with.  Preferably something that had an Autoit-like feel

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There’s no app development that’s similar to auto IT for phones in anything you choose is going to have cost.  Maybe android studio is free from Google but then you’re limited to developing for only android and not iOS and not PC 

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Basic4Android (B4A) might be worth taking a look into.  It's sort of like the old VB6 development environment, but for Android.  It has a feature-rich, WYSIWYG development environment and a very active community.  The language is very similar to AutoIt in many respects.  That means you can spend more time learning the specifics of Android programming and less time learning the language and the development environment.  It used to be free but I think they charge a nominal fee now.

They also have B4I (IOS), B4J (Desktop), and B4R (Arduino) if you choose to expand onto other platforms.

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you could start with some tutorials on youtube and for the full fledged course make an account on udemy and there are plenty of courses available for beginner level

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      I found a couple of threads asking quite similar questions, but without finding a "straight" solution to Access the internal phone storage as well as the plugged in SD-Card.
      While the SD Card is quite an easy Job (shutdown phone, remove SD, plug into some Card Reader, Access it using a drive letter), the internal storage isn't accessible this way.
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      Hello Im wondering if using this https://ohtejera.github.io/ImperiusAutoIt/#started
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      I would like to share this simple project which aims to be a first approach in order to use AutoIt as scripting language for mobile automation (Android).
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