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[SOLVED] Can I run an Autoit script that requires focus and mouse clicks in the background and do work?

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1 minute ago, nooneclose said:

I added the "$_WD_DEBUG = $_WD_DEBUG_None ; You could also use $_WD_DEBUG_Error" but it didn't close the WebDriver.exe

It won't close an already opened console window. However, it will launch the console hidden if you properly initialize $_WD_DEBUG before calling _WD_Startup.

3 minutes ago, nooneclose said:

Then when I went to look up info in the wd_core I didn't find any info on _wd_ConsoleVisible other than a note saying you added it?  

That's because you looked in the wrong file. Core functionality goes into wd_core. Everything else goes into wd_helper. :thumbsup:

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@nooneclose Obviously, we are having some communication issues. Let me try again.

The webdriver console gets launched in _WD_Startup(). Therefore, either of the following method should work to control the console's visibility --

1) Set the variable $_WD_DEBUG equal to $_WD_DEBUG_None. This should occur after the #include, but before calling _WD_Startup(). This should launch the console in a hidden state.

2) Anytime after calling _WD_Startup(), you can use _WD_ConsoleVisible() to either hide or show the console

Make sense now?

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