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Read only the first megabyte of a VERY large file


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I have a 11 GB file that I need to analyze.

So my first step is reading the first 1 Mb of the file and look at it.
I'm unable to make a working script. When running this script it crashes with message "Error allocating memory":

$file_src="in.txt" ; source file
$file_dest="out.txt" ; 

$size=1048576 ; 
$count=FileGetSize($file_src)-$size ; 

$handle_src=FileOpen($file_src,16) ; open in binary read mode
$handle_dest=FileOpen($file_dest,16+2) ; open new file in binary WRITE mode - erase previous contents if they exist

FileWrite($handle_dest,BinaryMid(FileRead($handle_src),1,$size)) ; 

; close files after using them


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Hello. Use the number of bytes to be read in FileRead's second parameter, so that way you will not need binarymid.



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