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About A struct Dll Callbacks

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Hello friends,
I'm writing a code about DllCall a websocket.dll, its documentation looks like this:


void WebsocketOpen(const WebsocketCallbacks* callbacks, void* param)
This callback is triggered when a WebSocket is established. WebsocketCallbacks is defined as:

typedef void* WebSocketChannel;

typedef struct _WebsocketCallbacks {
    void (CALL_TYPE* OnWillConnect)(void* param, WebSocketChannel channel, const utf8* url);
    bool (CALL_TYPE* OnConnected)(void* param, WebSocketChannel channel);
    void (CALL_TYPE* OnReceive)(void* param, WebSocketChannel channel, int opCode, const char* buf, size_t len);
    void (CALL_TYPE* OnSend)(void* param, WebSocketChannel channel, int opCode, const char* buf, size_t len);
    void (CALL_TYPE* OnError)(void* param, WebSocketChannel channel);
} WebsocketCallbacks;

And I write to AutoIt like this:

Local $pParams = 0
Local $hWsOnWillConnect = DllCallbackRegister(OnWillConnectCallback, 'ptr', 'ptr;ptr;str')
Local $hWsOnConnected = DllCallbackRegister(OnConnectedCallback, 'bool', 'ptr;ptr')
Local $hWsOnReceive = DllCallbackRegister(OnReceiveCallback, 'ptr', 'ptr;ptr;int;ptr;int;bool')
Local $hWsOnSend = DllCallbackRegister(OnSendCallback, 'ptr', 'ptr;ptr;int;ptr;int;bool')
Local $hWsOnError = DllCallbackRegister(OnErrorCallback, 'ptr', 'ptr;ptr')
Local $tCallbackFuncs = DllStructCreate('ptr onWillConnect; ptr onConnected; ptr onReceive; ptr onSend; ptr onError')
$tCallbackFuncs.onWillConnect = DllCallbackGetPtr($hWsOnWillConnect)
$tCallbackFuncs.onConnected = DllCallbackGetPtr($hWsOnConnected)
$tCallbackFuncs.onReceive = DllCallbackGetPtr($hWsOnReceive)
$tCallbackFuncs.onSend = DllCallbackGetPtr($hWsOnSend)
$tCallbackFuncs.onError = DllCallbackGetPtr($hWsOnError)
Local $ret = DllCall('ws.dll', 'ptr', 'WebsocketOpen', 'ptr', DllStructGetPtr($tCallbackFuncs), 'ptr', $pParams)

Func OnWillConnectCallback($pParams, $WsChannel, $sURL)
    #forceref $pParams, $WsChannel, $sURL
    ConsoleWrite(1 & @CRLF)
Func OnConnectedCallback($pParams, $WsChannel)
    #forceref $pParams, $WsChannel
    ConsoleWrite(2 & @CRLF)
Func OnReceiveCallback($pParams, $WsChannel, $opCode, $pBuffer, $LenghtBuffer, $IsContinue)
    #forceref $pParams, $WsChannel, $opCode, $pBuffer, $LenghtBuffer, $IsContinue
    ConsoleWrite(3 & @CRLF)
Func OnSendCallback($pParams, $WsChannel, $opCode, $pBuffer, $LenghtBuffer, $IsContinue)
    #forceref $pParams, $WsChannel, $opCode, $pBuffer, $LenghtBuffer, $IsContinue
    ConsoleWrite(4 & @CRLF)
Func OnErrorCallback($pParams, $WsChannel)
    #forceref $pParams, $WsChannel
    ConsoleWrite(5 & @CRLF)

Can I ask if what I wrote above is correct or not?
Because I ran script and it only printed to console number 1 (means only ran the OnWillConnectCallback function)

Thank you for reading my question. (Sorry my english is not very good)

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Hi, Where can I see library's Documentation? is a free library?



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