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Can I send a click by Class and Instances ?

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I am trying to use the Autoit. But first I need to understand the abilities of the tool.
The "Autoit v3 Window Information" is grate. But can I send a click with mouse on a class or on class with Instaces for specific area.

On the same idea, there is a way to knows the cordenate of the calss and instence so I will able to use the mouse method 

MouseClick($MOUSE_CLICK_PRIMARY, 0, 500, 2)

And there is a way to use  


Func Example()
        ; Run Notepad

        ; Wait 10 seconds for the Notepad window to appear.
        Local $hWnd = WinWait("[CLASS:Notepad]", "", 10)

        ; Send a mouse click to the edit control of Notepad using the handle returned by WinWait.
        ControlClick($hWnd, "", "Edit1")

        ; Wait for 2 seconds.

        ; Close the Notepad window using the handle returned by WinWait.
EndFunc   ;==>Example

In case I am trying to use ClassnameNN, it doesn't work on specifc buttons.

It looks very odd because the tool does find the buttons, so why he cannot send a mouse click on it ?

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What application are you trying to automate?  Lots of questions in your post but the coordinates within a given control are relative to the control when you use ControlClick (as opposed to MouseClick).  ControlClick has optional X,Y parameters that allow for clicking on a specific spot in the control.  If you are intending to interact with a WPF control under Windows 10 it may not work with these methods as it may require UI Automation (see below post).  


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