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Desktop Paint

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nice! but i don't like how it has to end explorer..

Good Job!!!

very cool but the earse tool didn't work for me.

and is there a way to make it literaly on the desktop its self???

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i like this program, well done

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very cool but the earse tool didn't work for me.

and is there a way to make it literaly on the desktop its self???

HotKeySet ("d", "Draw")
HotKeySet ("^e", "MyExit")
MsgBox (4096, "NOTE", "Press 'D' to draw and Ctrl+E to exit... The default color is Green.")
Func SetPixel ($handle, $x, $y, $color)
    $dc= DllCall ("user32.dll", "int", "GetDC", "hwnd", $handle)
    DllCall ("gdi32.dll", "long", "SetPixel", "long", $dc[0], "long", $x, "long", $y, "long", $color)
    DllCall ("user32.dll", "int", "ReleaseDC", "hwnd", 0,  "int", $dc[0])

Func Draw ()
    $pos= MouseGetPos ()
    SetPixel ("", $pos[0], $pos[1], 0x00FF00)
    Sleep (10)

Func MyExit ()

While 1
    Sleep (100)


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Sorry it took me so long to reply. And zerocool yes i relized that the eraser tool does not work. During the week days I am busy doing football and track. So dont expect me to update this till around friday or saturday. If you want to draw directly on the desktop just take out the portion of the code that closes the process explorer.exe . But thx and im happy that people like it!!

50% of the time, it works all the time

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i cant get it to work... i dont know what is wrong it keeps coming up with error:

Line 31 (File "C:\Documents...etc.")

$color = _ChooseColor (0)

$color = ^ERROR

Error: Unknown fuction name.

- Dan [Website]

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@dandymcgee you need the latest beta version of autoit.

@OP nice job! :whistle:

Edited by B3TA_SCR1PT3R

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19th July, 2006 - v3.1.1.131 (beta)

Fixed : GUIRegisterMsg() crash in "GUIOnEventMode" (Thanks Nomad, fixed by Holger)

Fixed : GUIRegisterMsg() unregister a message (Thanks Nomad, fixed by Holger)

Changed : GUICtrlRead() in advanced mode - returns extended info as single value. This change will possible break scripts! (Valik/changed by Holger)

Added : Binary support for COM functions. It works only with variables passed between COM functions (so you can't display, convert or do mathematical actions with these variables yet). (by SvenP)

Changed : GUICtrlRead() in advanced mode for Tab control return the controlId of the select tabitem. The Opt("GuiEventOption",2) is suppressed. This change will break scripts! (Thanks Jon)

Updated : GUI Standard includes splitted for better small inclusion. GUIConstants.au3 still give the whole stuff perhaps a little more. (by Valik)

Fixed : Problem with Util_DoesFileExist and pagefile.sys . (Thanks Christian Blackburn, fixed by Jon)

Fixed : GUICtrlSetGraphic,GUISetOnEvent,GUICtrlSetResizing, AutoItSetOption, MouseClick,Finc...EndFunc, For...in...Next, _GUICtrlTreeViewDeleteItem doc brolken links. (Thanks Christian Blackburn)

Changed : StdioRead now sets a unique @error code for each error. Also, @extended is set to GetLastError() in each case. These are helpful for diagnosing I/O problems. The errors or the values should not be documented, it is enough to know that an error occurred, it is not necessary for users to know specifically what internal error occurred. (by Valik)

Fixed : Slight precision on $CmdLineRaw for compiled scripts. (Thanks PsaltyDS)

Fixed : Crash after AutoIt exit. (Thanks JoshDB,fixed by SvenP)

Updated : v1.66 (17 July 2006)

- Changed _FilesListToArray(): Added @error 4 meaning no files found. (gafrost)

- Gui Function general cleanup (gafrost)

- Changed: Constants seperated out into seperate files. (Valik)

- Changed: GUIConstants.au3 is now a stub including pretty much everything (Use GUIConstantsEx.au3 and the

other *Constants.au3 files for more granularity). (Valik)

- Updated several Helpfile pages for ie.au3. (Big_Daddy)

- Updated several functions in visa.au3. (Angel)

- Fixed : _viPrintf and _viExecCommand would not work with certain GPIB cards (such as USB-GPIB cards).

Changed use of the VISA command "viWrite" method to be more generic (thanks John Herrington for the tip).

- Added : Additional OPTIONAL parameter for _viPrintf and _viExecComand. Controls command send mode

and terminator. Default value is "Use @LF terminator".

- Updated : _viPrintf and _ViExecCommand append an @LF to every VISA command by default.

This can be changed by means of a new optional parameter.

- Updated : _viPrintf and _ViExecCommand do not "protect" for escape characters anymore by default.

That causes problems with some GPIB cards. It is possible to go back to the original behaviour

by setting the new optional parameter $s_mode to "str".

12th July, 2006 - v3.1.1.130 (beta)

Added : Check to ensure that FileInstall() can override the target file. (Thanks ..., fixed by JdeB)

Added : GUICtrlCreatePic doc precision when using overlayed tab control. (Thanks Holger)

Fixed : Extra .SVN directories created during installation. (Thanks Valik, Holger)

Fixed : FAQ#1 doc. (Thanks herewasplato, fixed by Valik)

Reverted : Conversion from floating point to string now shows less precision to prevent displaying unexpected values. (by Valik) The conversion will be back as in the official release.

11th July, 2006 - v3.1.1.129 (beta)

Fixed : Exit did not work in all situations where it should. (by Valik)

Fixed : StringSplit on binaryString when delimiter not found. (Thanks Zaxon, fixed by Larry)

Fixed : GUICtrlCreatePic Doc typo.

Fixed : COM/Obj Distinction between Null and 0 (Thanks randallc, fixed by SvenP)

Updated : v1.65 (6 July 2006)

- Added IE.au3 with all its well known Functions. Big Thanks to DaleHohm and Big_Daddy. (DaleHohm,Big_Daddy)

- Changed _InetSmtpMail(), change initial connection logic. (Neil)

- Fixed _TicksToTime() StringIsInt() problem. (JdeB)

- Fixed Bug in _GUICtrlListViewGetItemText on return if a subitem is empty. (gafrost)

28th June, 2006 - v3.1.1.128 (beta)

Fixed : GUISwitch crash after GUIDelete on another window. (Thanks Valik)

Fixed : Conversion from floating point to string now shows less precision to prevent displaying unexpected values. (by Valik)

Fixed : Random doc example. (Thanks Smoke_N)

Fixed : GUIRegisterMsg() - overlapping of same messages. (Thanks ..., fixed by Holger)

Fixed : ConsoleWrite(), ConsoleWriteError() - @LF was expanded to @CRLF automatically which could result in badly formatted data. Now no automatic expansion is performed; what is passed to these two functions is written. (by Valik)

Added : /nopack command line parameter added to Aut2Exe. This disables UPX packing from the command line. (by Valik)

Fixed : Crash AutoiT if Win... with bad regExp.

Updated : v1.64 (27 June 2006)

- Updated _GUICtrlListViewGetItemText: removed $v_ret variable to avoid au3check errors. (gafrost)

- Updated _GUIListView: Some bugfixes and Helpfile correction. (gafrost)

- Updated _GUIListView: Found a way I can live with the -1 being in the _GUICtrlListViewGetItemText

and _GUICtrlListViewGetItemTextArray for using selected index in the function calls. (gafrost)

20th June, 2006 - v3.1.1.127 (beta)

Fixed : bad Combo bkcolor : grey. (Thanks awrog)

Added : ClipGet return @error=1 on empty and @error=2 on nontext. (Thanks Christain BlackBurn)

Added : ClipPut("") empty the clipboard.

Fixed : WinKill() referencing an explorer.exe window not closing. (Thanks marfdaman)

Updated : Upx.exe 2.00 -> 2.01.

Added : FileGetLongName($relativefile, 1) and FileGetShortName($relativefile, 1) support relative path conventions.

Fixed : Small precision in FileFindFirstFile doc about matching 3-char extension. (Thanks tutui)

Fixed : AutoIt Crash if too many includes in Opt(TrayIconDebug,1). (Thanks System Tester, herewasplato)

Added : GUI_MAXCOLOURS added to AutoIt limits appendix.

Fixed : GUISetOnEvent, GuiCtrlSetOnEvent, TrayItemSetOnEvent and TraySetOnEvent can be disabled. (Thanks Wooltown)

Fixed : Wrong matching of While/Wend, Do/Until, If/Endif, ... .

Fixed : ObjEvent() doc example.

Fixed : ObjEvent() regression from .125. (Thanks Valik)

Updated : ClipGet() doc remarks on multiselection. (Thanks Simucal)

Fixed : #include doc about lower case only removed. (Thanks ...)

Fixed : BitShift() doc. (by Valik)

Fixed : Remove MessageBox in Aut2exe.exe (Thanks helge, fixed by Jon)

Updated : v1.63 (19 June 2006)

- Updated _DateTimeFormat() to use a default template when registry entries are missing

Like in Win9x/WinME for SLongDate.

- GuiListView updated .This update will possible break scripts. (gafrost)

Replaced ControlListView calls (will no longer need window title/text in params).

Functions updated to reflect new params.

Examples updated for consistancy.

Templates updated as needed.

- _ArrayBinarySearch: (JdeB)

removed check for more than 1 entry to allow the use of this UDF on arrays with one entry.

04th June, 2006 - v3.1.1.126 (beta)

Fixed : Slight update on language variable doc precision. (Thanks jftuga)

Added : Send("ASC 0x...}") to allow hex value. (Thanks Christian Blackburn)

Fixed : The Clear() method on a COM Error object would cause the COM Errorhandler to stop functioning.

Fixed : Bogus error messages on long lines when a COM Error handler is used (Thanks DaleHohm)

Fixed : A lot of typo and grammar in Doc. (Thanks GeoSoft)

Fixed : IniReadSection Invalid lines (Those without proper key=value pairs) would cause the returned data to be wrong. These lines are now stripped. (by Valik)

Fixed : IniReadSection comments were not stripped on Windows 95/98/ME. (by Valik)

Fixed : Wrong PID type return by ProcessList. (Thanks elgabionline)

Added : Some information in GUIGetMsg about control hovering. (Thanks TheSaint)

Added : List Box can be colored with GUICtrlSetColor and GUICtrlSetBkColor. (Thanks Rick, by Holger)

Added : SplashTextOn return the handle of the splash window. (Thanks Helge, by Larry)

Fixed : TRayItemGetState memory leak. (Thanks Freeze128)

Fixed : FileWrite of a binarystring return false. (Thanks picasso)

Fixed : @AutoItVersion bad return when compiled file is resource hacked. (Thanks gamerman2360)

Updated : v1.62 (2 June 2006)

- Fixed _ClipPutFile() example include statement. (RazerM)

- Doc Fixes:

_GUICtrlListViewEnsureVisible. (gafrost)

_FileReadToArray. (CyberSlug)

_ Fixed _Now() which was returning "tt" at the end (JdeB)

26th May, 2006 - v3.1.1.125 (beta)

Fixed : WinMove not handling Default keyword for W or H. (Thanks Cyberslug)

Changed : no more compaction of AutoIt3.exe, Au3Info.exe, AUT2Exe.exe and AutoIt3Help.exe files. Compiled script can still be compacted. (by Jon)

Fixed : Some doc precision about FileDelete and DirMove. (Thanks Zedna)

Fixed : RegRead, RegWrite and RegDelete coherent @error with other Reg functions.

Fixed : Crash AutoIt with invalid "With" . (Thanks gamerman2360)

Fixed : AutoIt limits doc typo. (Thanks Omegis)

Removed : Exitcode 0x7ffff000-0x7fffffff are reserved for AutoIt. Exit of such code will produce a messagebox. (by Devs)

Removed : ToolTip Centering go around. (by Valik)

Fixed : The documentation for ToolTip() clarifies how the center flag works and the requirements for getting an icon to display on the title row. (by Valik)

Fixed : GuiCtrlSetColor(), GUICtrlSetBkColor() doc can set ListViewItem and TreeViewItem. (Holger forget to update them in .72)

Fixed : some doc typos (Thanks Zedna, Helge, jftuga)

Fixed : bad formated #include. (Thanks Helge)

Fixed : TCPLIsten, TCPConnect, UDPSend, UDPBind not checking bad ipaddr or port. (Thanks Helge)

Fixed : Invalid lines (Those without proper key=value pairs) would cause the returned data to be wrong. These lines are now stripped. (by Valik)

Fixed : Comments were not stripped on Windows 95/98/ME. (by Valik)

Fixed : Memory leak on GUIDelete if some pic control where used. (Thanks b8bboi)

Updated : v1.61 (23 May 2006)

- Fixed _GuiCtrlListViewSort() avoiding insert/removal of spaces. (gafrost)

- Changed test in _DateIsValid() test from <1900 to <1000 to allow

a startdate of 1600 used for UTC calculations. (JdeB)

- Fixed _GUICtrlListViewSort. (JPM,gafrost)

- Added _ClipPutFile() to misc.au3. (Piccaso)

- Updated _GUICtrlListViewSetItemSelState, added an optional focus state parameter. (gafrost)

16th May, 2006 - v3.1.1.124 (beta)

Fixed : Memory leak on object invoking error.

Fixed : StringRegExp returning string instead of array withy flag=1.

Fixed : AutoItSc.bin size. (Thanks Zedna)

Fixed : GUICtrlSetImage for 16x16 icon not repainting. (Thanks mr.underperson)

Added : Some doc precision about running under a Windows 64-bit Edition. (Thanks FreeFry)

Changed : Exitcode 0x7ffff000-0x7fffffff are reserved for AutoIt. Exit of such code will produce a messagebox.

Changed : RegEnumKey and RegEnumVal return more precise @error to help diagnostic.

Fixed : Mouse... invalid button definition. (Thanks vollyman)

Fixed : Small precision in FileFindFirstFile doc about returning dir names too. (Thanks redndahead)

Fixed : Hyperlink in CLSID doc page. (Thanks Nitro322)

Fixed : IniDelete() could create an empty file if the file did not exist. (Thanks TheSaint, fixed by Valik)

Fixed : ToolTip Centering go around. (Thanks mr.underperson)

Fixed : $GUI_GR_RECT and $GUI_GR_ELLIPSE under win98. (Thanks Zedna)

06th May, 2006 - v3.1.1.123 (beta)

Changed : Empty parameter not allowed in COM reference.

Fixed : GUIGetCursorInfo on listview header. (Thanks aec)

Fixed : Func OnAutoItExit doc typo.

Fixed : DllCall @error not equal 3 when function not found.

Fixed : exitcode 0 when AutoIt exit on fatal error should be different from 0.

Fixed : ubyte can be used as Array. (Thanks Lazycat)

Fixed : TrayCreateItem doc precision. (Thanks Zedna)

01th May, 2006 - v3.1.1.122 (beta)

Fixed : DirCreate not creating subdir on dir with read/hidden/system attributes. (Thanks dash007, PeteW)

Changed : "GUIEventCompatibilityMode" Opt removed definetly use "GUIEventOptions".

Fixed : FileSetAttrib, FileSetTime destroy @workingdir.

Fixed : Some doc typos in the "Function Notes" page. (fixed by Herewasplato)

Updated : Suppression of a validation of interface checking. (by SvenP)

28th April, 2006 - v3.1.1.121 (beta)

Fixed : Some doc clarification in the "Function Notes" page. (fixed by Herewasplato)

Changed : doubleclick on titlebar trigger maximize/restore event. (Thanks livewire/Valik)

Fixed : Filecopy not creating subdir under Netware shared. (Thanks PeteW)

Changed : Upx 1.25->2.00

Updated : v1.60 (28 April 2006)

- Updated _GuiCtrlStatusBarResize example. (gafrost)

- Added 2 variables to GuiStatusBar.au3. (gafrost)

- Fixed typo in _ArraySort. (Knight)

21th April, 2006 - v3.1.1.120 (beta)

Fixed : FileSetAttrib doc example. (Thanks Mhz)

Fixed : WinGetProcess and ProcessExist return same pid precision. (Thanks elgabionline, fixed by Valik)

Fixed : GUICreate WS_POPUP Centering. (Thanks elgabionline)

Fixed : Bad Notification on end of drag when $GUI_DROPACCEPTED not set on a control. (Thanks Ebenezer, gafrost)

Fixed : InetGet("abort") and exiting AutoIt with a download in progres now correctly stop the download immediately. (by Valik)

Fixed : @InetGetBytesRead Byte count could be wrong due to a race condition. (Thanks Rick, fixed by Valik)

Updated : v1.59 (20 April 2006)

- Updated _ProcessGetPriority to use 0x0400. (Valik)

- Added _GUICtrlEditSetRECT to GuiEdit.au3. (gafrost)

- Updated Email addresses in UDF's to avoid retrieval by search engines. (JPM)

14th April, 2006 - v3.1.1.119 (beta)

Updated : FAQ page. (by JdeB)

Fixed : open script in Gui concept page. (Thanks MadBoy)

Fixed : FilesSetAttrib return 1 on non existing file. (Thanks Mhz)

Fixed : InetGet() could block the foreground execution even when run in background mode. (Thanks podws, fixed by Valik)

Fixed : GUISetBKColor freezing the display. (Thanks The Kandie Man,greenmachine)

Updated : Allow array to be initialized with another array in an element (see Dim doc). (by Nutster)

Fixed : FileOpen doc. (Thanks Zedna)

06th April, 2006 - v3.1.1.118 (beta)

Changed : Example and Include files are readonly. (Thanks herewasplato, by JdeB)

Updated : GUICtrlCreateRadio doc example. (by Smoke_N)

Added : An extra parameter in ControlSetText to force redraw. (Thanks ning, by Valik)

Changed : Opt("GUIEventCompatibilityMode", ) renamed in Opt("GUIEventOptions. both OK for this beta but will dropped in .122. (by Jon)

Fixed : empty parameter in $cmdline. (Thanks aec)

Updated : v1.58 (6 April 2006)

- updated _ProcessGetPriority() to accept either a name or PID argument. (valik)

- Fixed bug in _FileWriteLine() insert mode not inserting new line. (sasdad)

31th March, 2006 - v3.1.1.117 (beta)

Added : Value to TrayMenuMode (Option) to turn off auto radio menuitem checking (Thanks greenmachine, by holger)

Fixed : GUICtrlSetState $GUI_SHOW on tab with $TCS_BUTTON style. (Thanks DaLiMan, fixed by holger)

Fixed : GUICtrlCreateMonthCal positioning. (Thanks CyberSlug)

Fixed : ProcessWait, ProcessWaitClose, TrayTip timeout unit doc precision. (Thanks Confuzzled)

Fixed : CmdLine[] limited to 63 parameters. (Thanks Everdream Corp, CyberSlug)

Updated : "Check for Updates" (AutoUpdateIt) display the current install beta.(by strik3r0475)

Updated : TCPSend/TCPRecv Doc Examples. (by Larry)

Fixed : Bad tabitem creation when no tab defined.

Fixed : Bad combo disable 16-bit color under W2K. (Thanks wooltown)

26th March, 2006 - v3.1.1.116 (beta)

Added : StringRegExp Tutorial (by neogia)

Added : DllCall :cdecl or :stdcall thanks Jon now JPM can debug SQLite scripts (by Jon)

Updated : v1.57 (19 March 2006)

- Updated : GUICtrlTreeView

* Changed _GUICtrlTreeViewExpand (Parent GUI handle no longer needed) (Holger)

* Renamed _GUICtrlTreeViewItemGetTree to _GUICtrlTreeViewGetTree !!! (Holger)

* Added _GUICtrlTreeViewGetState (Holger)

* Added _GUICtrlTreeViewGetText (Holger)

* Added _GUICtrlTreeViewInsertItem (Holger)

* Added _GUICtrlTreeViewSetIcon (Holger)

* Added _GUICtrlTreeViewSetState (Holger)

* Added _GUICtrlTreeViewSetText (Holger)

23th March, 2006 - v3.1.1.115 (beta)

Fixed : For Next with boundary,stepping being a string (no conversion to Float). (Thanks Jon, fixed by Jon))

Fixed : AutoIt3.exe high density icon. (by Jon)

Fixed : GUICtrlRegisterListViewSort() and some issues while script pausing. (by holger)

Changed : GUICtrlRegisterListViewSort() parameters maximum are 4 - less are OK. (by holger)

Fixed : ControlSetText() (backchange to normal behaviour before beta (by holger)

Fixed : GUISetState(@SW_UNLOCK) force repainting.

Fixed : Internal cleaning of Send/ControlSend(), SendKeyDownDelay =5 by default. (by Jon)

17th March, 2006 - v3.1.1.114 (beta)

Fixed : StdxxxYyy PID reuse. (Thanks reggy, fixed by DaveF)

Fixed : RegRead MULTI_REG_SZ malformed key. (Thanks SvenP)

Fixed : Not updating anymore the official include dir. Use RemoveIcludeBeta.bat in beta\include\3.1.1 if you want to clean the official include folder.

Fixed : RegWrite Doc clarification.

Fixed : examples referring GUICtrlCreateCombo with wrong size for Win2K SP4. (Thanks wooltown)

Changed : the default setting on Au3info so that it doesn't highlight controls. (by Jon)

Fixed : Some doc cleaning about cursor/arrow. (Thanks greenmachine)

Fixed : StringLeft,StringRight doc typos. (Thanks Torment)

Fixed : For Next with boundary,stepping being a string (no conversion to integer). (Thanks neogia)

Updated : v1.56 (15 March 2006)

- Updated _GUICtrlListViewSort Helpfile example. (gafrost)

- Updated _GUICtrlCombo examples updated to proper heigth. (gafrost)

- Updated GUIComboau3. Added #include <GUIConstants.au3>. (andyswarbs)

10th March, 2006 - v3.1.1.112 (beta)

Fixed : ObjEvent help example. (Thanks cdkid)

Updated : Aut2Exe, Exe2Aut new compression algorithm. (by Jon)

Fixed : FileFindFirst doc precision about wilcards. (Thanks HfX)

Fixed : DriveMapDel /DriveMapAdd interaction. (Thanks MadBoy)

Fixed : Doc optional parameter setting. (Thanks MvGulik)

Fixed : GUICtrlDelete Doc remarks. (Thanks datskat)

03th March, 2006 - v3.1.1.111 (beta)

Fixed : #include recursion depth enforced. (by Valik)

Changed : #include search algorithm updated to be more consistent. (by Valik)

Added : Documented #include search order. (by Valik)

Updated : Some doc precision about IsDeclared(), Assign(), Eval(). (by Valik)

Fixed : GuiCtrlCreatePic w=h=0. (Thanks MvGulik)

Fixed : @OSVERSION for WIN_XP running under X64 edition. I hope. (Thanks The Kandie Man)

Fixed : Hidden input control previously associated with updown control badly displayed during reshowing. (Thanks WFC)

Fixed : comparison case insensitive accentuated upper case. (Thanks Guillermo)

Fixed : GUICreate $WS_CHILD+$WS_VISIBLE w=0 or h=0 lead to crash AutoIt. (Thanks Valik)

Updated : v1.54 (23 February 2006)

- Added _GuiCtrlEditFind to GUIEDIT.AU3: - Find/Replace text in an Edit control. (gafrost)

- Added _FileWriteToLine to FILE.AU3: Writes text to a specific line in a file. (cdkid)

Updated : v1.55 (2 March 2006)

- Updated INetSmtpMail(),allow the "EHLO" to be send. (JPM)

- Added Attribute to _GUICtrlComboAddDir, _GUICtrlListAddDir. (gafrost)

- Added _GUICtrlListViewSetColumnHeaderText() to GuiListView. (gafrost)

Due to new #include search algorithm some problems can occurs with AU3Check.

21th February, 2006 - v3.1.1.110 (beta)

Fixed : Hidden Updown control badly displayed during resizing. (Thanks WFC)

Fixed : Extras\Check for Update (Extras\AutoUpdateIt\AutoUpdateIt.au3).

Fixed : Labels were not painted correctly on tab controls. (Thanks Dickb,fixed by Valik)

17th February, 2006 - v3.1.1.109 (beta)

Fixed : GUICtrlSetData on listview/listviewItem bad erasing. (Thanks HighGuy)

Fixed : GUICtrlCreateInput help typo. (Thanks LondonNDIB)

Fixed : SplashTextOn centered vertically with embeded empty lines. (Thanks HighGuy)

Fixed : SplashTextOn Memory Leak. (Thanks smiley, fixed by Larry)

Fixed : GUICtrlRead menuitem checked. (Thanks GEOSoft, fixed by holger)

Updated : v1.53 (16 February 2006)

- Fixed _GuiCtrlListViewDeleteItem: Listview items can't be deleted after sorting. (gafrost)

14th February, 2006 - v3.1.1.108 (beta)

Updated : v1.52 (8 February 2006)

- Fixed typo in _ArraySearch Helpfile. (theguy0000)

- Fixed _GuiCtrlListViewDeleteItem: Listview items can't be deleted after sorting. (gafrost)

- Fixed _ArraySort Local $t decleration. (gafrost)

- Fixed _GUICtrlComboAutoComplete() move Variable definitions to the stat of the function. (gafrost)

- Fixed _GuiCtrlStatusBarCreate : corrected variable declarations in the function. (gafrost)

Added : Setting error and extended in InetGet for debugging. purpose. Will be documented is suitable or removed in a following beta. Just post script,error and extended you will get the explanation if any.

Fixed : Graphic controls should always have a transparent background.

04th February, 2006 - v3.1.1.107 (beta)

Fixed : PixelCheckSum Doc related link. (Thanks herewasplato)

Fixed : Under certain conditions, GUICtrlSetPos() could cause a label to appear as if it had been painted multiple times. (Fixed by Valik)

Changed : GUICtrlSetBkColor(). (by Valik)

Updated : v1.51 (3 February 2006)

- Changed _InetGetSource to return "" when error occurs. (erebus)

- Changed Dim to Local in GuiStatusBar.au3. (Jdeb)

- Change _GuiCtrlStatusBarSetIcon that will allow removing the icon from normal status bar. (gafrost)

- Added version at the top of each UDF file.

30th January, 2006 - v3.1.1.106 (beta)

Fixed : Some hangups and undefined closes by using GUIRegisterMsg(). (Fixed by holger)

Changed : No more proceeding of Autoit's internal message procedures by default, see GUIRegisterMsg() for more infos. (by holger)

Changed : GUI's internal system timer, so only userdefined Timers can be 'monitored'; fixes also interacting problem between WM_TIMER-monitoring and TrayIcon-handling. (by holger)

Changed : GUIRegisterMsg() paramters maximum are 4 - less are OK. (by holger)

28th January, 2006 - v3.1.1.105 (beta)

Fixed : Event functions without a method name were not called. (Thanks Valik, fixed by SvenP)

Fixed : Event function with too many declared parameters could crash script. (Fixed by SvenP)

Added : Event Object .Stop() method to stop receiving events (see help). (by SvenP)

Fixed : Typos and grammatical issues in the COM documentation (Thanks Gene, fixed by SvenP).

Updated : Different example script in COM documentation about handling Events. (by SvenP)

Fixed : GUICtrlCreateObj: Keystrokes were not passed to controls that has embedded controls (Thanks Svennie, fixed by SvenP)

25th January, 2006 - v3.1.1.104 (beta)

Fixed : Some keystrokes are not accepted by ActiveX controls (thanx SlimShady, Svenny)

Added : More Object information can now be retrieved with ObjName (see helpfile)

Fixed : ACos() bad result. (Thanks shlan)

Fixed : Doc typo. (Thanks Helge)

20th January, 2006 - v3.1.1.103 (beta)

Fixed : Call with parameters doc.

Fixed : DllStructGetPtr($struct,$i) wrong ptr returned. (Thanks VicTT)

Fixed : DllCall doc for ordinals. (by holger)

Fixed : GUICtrlRegisterListViewSort doc typo. (by holger)

Fixed : "Windows Message Codes" in appendix doc tree.

Updated : v1.50 (19 January 2006)

- Added _GUIStatusBar.au3 UDF's. (gafrost, rysiora, JdeB, tonedef, eltorro)

- Added _GUICtrlComboGetList to GUICombo.au3 which retrieves all items in a combobox (Valik)

- Fixed _INetSmtpMail() paramater variable name. (Thanks Wooltown/ by JPM)

Added : A specially formatted array can be passed to Call() and each argument in they array will be treated as an argument to the function. See help-file for demonstration. (by Valik)

Reverted fix in GUICtrlCreateObj to prevent crash with certain controls.

(Open bug: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=20530) (by SvenP)

18th January, 2006 - v3.1.1.102 (beta)

Fixed : @COM_EventObj doc typo. (by Valik)

Fixed : _INetSmtpMail() error doc. (Thanks walkabout)

Fixed : GUICtrlSetState(tabitem,@SW_SHOW) under creation bad tabitem display. (Thanks Helge)

Fixed : Additional error number in DllCall() if "function" can not be found in the DLL. + doc. (by Holger)

Fixed : _INetSmtpMail() again and I hope last. (Thanks Wooltown)

Fixed : Some docs. (Thanks Helge)

Updated : v1.49 (17 January 2006)

- Fixed bug in _ArrayPush() when Direction 1 is specified. (AnnA)

- Helpfile _ArraySearch example corrected. (Valuater)

- Removed obsolete parameters from _GUICtrlTreeViewSelectItem(), Scripts need updating! (JdeB)

- Fixed : _INetSmtpMail() (by JPM). (Thanks Wooltown, MikeOsdx)

- Updated all UDFs to get rid of any Errors from Au3Check v 1.50 will All checks enabled.

- Updated _ArrayDisplay() added Const to Byref of the first parameter. (Valik)

- Fixed bug in _PathFull when using root of a drive. (Valik)

Fixed : A for..in loop could fail undeserved on certain type of collections. (by SvenP)

Fixed : Controls created by GUICtrlCreateObj have now default window style WS_VISIBLE,

so they can be seen on tabs. (by SvenP)

Fixed : Permanent fix of old bug 2005-10-18, related to deletion of a RichText control. (by SvenP)

Added : GUICtrlCreateObj now supports multiple GUIs. (by SvenP)

Fixed : Memory leak when GUICtrlCreateObj failed in some situations. (by SvenP)

Fixed : $DLG_TEXTVCENTER added to Constants.au3. (Thanks griaco)

Fixed : SetError(), SetExtended() can return a value. (by Valik)

Added : GUIRegisterMsg() to modify GUI WM_Message-routines at runtime. (by holger)

Added : GUICtrlListViewSortRegister() to create a real sorting routine for GUI ListView's. (by holger)

Added : TrayItemGetHandle() to get the internal handle of tray menu items. (by holger)

Fixed ; TraySetClick doc. (Thanks PartyPooper)

10th January, 2006 - v3.1.1.101 (beta)

Fixed : _INetSmtpMail(). (Thanks JdeB/by JdeB)

Added : @COM_EVENTOBJ. (by Valik)

Fixed : AutoIt crash when using embedded OBJ on 2 child GUI. (Thanks Valuater)

Added : DLLCall with ordinal entry point (waiting Doc). (by Holger)

Fixed : Support for the COM Currency (VT_CY) datatype. (Thanks dougie/ by SvenP)

07th January, 2006 - v3.1.1.100 (beta)

Fixed : SplashTexton Doc for opt=32. (Thanks griaco)

Fixed : ElseIf ... Then statement not detected. (Thanks VicTT)

Fixed : _StringEncrypt error return. (Thanks JerryD)

Fixed : TCPRecv Doc. (Thanks pingpong24/ by Larry)

Fixed : Crash when using @IPADDRESSn and no network.

Fixed : Illegal #include with no error message. (Thanks VicTT)

Fixed : _PathFull() 2 bugs. (by Valik)

Fixed : _INetSmtpMail() @error 5 (I hope). (Thanks Wooltown, MikeOsdx)

Removed : /c command line, only /AutoIt3ExecuteLine working.

30th December, 2005 - v3.1.1.99 (beta)

Added : SplashTextOn opt=32 to center vertically.

Fixed : RegRead return right number of fields on REG_MULTI_SZ type. (Thanks davezub)

Fixed : DLLStructSetData element overflow. (by Larry)

Added : DLLStruct...Data BinaryString support. (by Larry)

Fixed : GUICtrlSetImage on a GUI defined with $WS_VISIBLE. (Thanks Matrix112)

Fixed : Fatal error $Object.ImageList.Images.Add($Array[0] & 'b'). (Thanks Arilvv)

Fixed : GuiCtrlSetState( ,$GUI_FOCUS) changing tab ordering.

Need to create a new state $GUI_ONTOP for solving livewire problem (.93). (Thanks nick1812)

Fixed : Extra notification on first/default control after GUISetState(). (Thanks Larry)

Fixed : Allow Dragfile to any control. @GUI_DRAGFILE contain the filename to be used in the $GUI_EVENT_DROPPED. (Thanks wiredbits)

Fixed : COM ref warning about doc examples. (Thanks mr_unreliable)

Fixed : FileRead($handle). (Thanks Vilux)

Fixed : Event notification on {enter} on an edit control. (Thanks effer)

Updated : v1.47 (30 December 2005)

- Fixed _DateTimeFormat() to return LongTime notation for $sType=0 as specified in the Helpfile. (JdeB)

- Made Subject and Body optional in _InetSmtpMail(). (PartyPooper)

BUMP you have to change script which spawn other with the /c switch.

Until beta you will get a popup telling that the /c will soon be removed for ever.

Will be removed in

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Guest Beefteck

HotKeySet ("d", "Draw")
HotKeySet ("^e", "MyExit")
MsgBox (4096, "NOTE", "Press 'D' to draw and Ctrl+E to exit... The default color is Green.")
Func SetPixel ($handle, $x, $y, $color)
    $dc= DllCall ("user32.dll", "int", "GetDC", "hwnd", $handle)
    DllCall ("gdi32.dll", "long", "SetPixel", "long", $dc[0], "long", $x, "long", $y, "long", $color)
    DllCall ("user32.dll", "int", "ReleaseDC", "hwnd", 0,  "int", $dc[0])

Func Draw ()
    $pos= MouseGetPos ()
    SetPixel ("", $pos[0], $pos[1], 0x00FF00)
    Sleep (10)

Func MyExit ()

While 1
    Sleep (100)

nice this is cool, is there away to make the paint bigger though?

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nice! but i don't like how it has to end explorer..

Good Job!!!

You can make it not end explorer by doing this instead

Opt('WinTitleMatchMode', 4)

WinSetState("Classname=Shell_TrayWnd", "", @SW_HIDE)
WinSetState("Program Manager", "", @SW_HIDE)

then to show it again, do this

WinSetState("Classname=Shell_TrayWnd", "", @SW_SHOW)
WinSetState("Program Manager", "", @SW_SHOW)
Edited by Paulie

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Guest Beefteck

You can make it not end explorer by doing this instead

Opt('WinTitleMatchMode', 4)

WinSetState("Classname=Shell_TrayWnd", "", @SW_HIDE)
WinSetState("Program Manager", "", @SW_HIDE)

then to show it again, do this

WinSetState("Classname=Shell_TrayWnd", "", @SW_SHOW)
WinSetState("Program Manager", "", @SW_SHOW)
where do i put that?

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where do i put that?

Opt goes with other opt at top of script

The hide part goes here

While 1
    $pos= MouseGetPos()
    If _IsPressed("01", $dll) Then shape_square($pos[0],$pos[1])
    ProcessClose("Explorer.exe");Replace this with hide, (Leave 'opt' at top of script)
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
        Case $msg = $Button1
        Case $msg = $Button2
        Case $msg = $Button3

and the Show one goes here

Func quit()
      Run("Explorer.exe", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE);Replace this
Edited by Paulie

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Guest Beefteck

woah who dugg this up from the dead. Its been ages since i even used autoit. Im on linux at the moment (Ubuntu). But im gonna dual boot it tonight.

lol I DID!!! i was lookin around and saw this

i added my own version of this as an add-on to my porgram....

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