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*quick Script Tester*

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I made this because I am lazy. I am sick of copying someones script from the forum and pasting it into the editor then running it from there.

This script avoids all that. All you do is select the script text, and hit F2. Esc exits.

When you hit F2 it will not mess up your original clipboard text, it will run the selected text even if it's compiled.

Tell me what you think guys :think:

Thanks Valuater For the wapper

HotKeySet( "{f2}", "quitrun")

HotKeySet( "{esc}", "quit")

$file = @TempDir & "\QS.au3"

While 1



Func quitrun()


$original = ClipGet()


Send( "{ctrldown}")




$script = ClipGet()

If $script = "" Then

TrayTip("", "No Script Selected", 1, 16)


FileWrite($file, $script)

If @Compiled = 1 Then

$file_exe = FileGetShortName(@AutoItExe & ' /AutoIt3ExecuteScript "' & $file & '"')



Run(@AutoItExe & " " & $file, "", @SW_HIDE)




EndFunc ;==>quitrun

Func quit()




EndFunc ;==>quit

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when i paste this into scite it appears all on line 1(same with notepad). So i had to fix it. Anyway i hate pasting scripts and saving them aswell. This is very useful. Well done

edit: It cant find GUIConstants.au3 and most likely other includes aswell. A message box appears with the error

Edited by RazerM

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