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Drawing Bezier Curves From An Array Of Points

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I've been working on graphics routines for my 360-degree Snake program, and I've been experimenting with bezier curves. It's kind of a pain to have to generate all those control points, so I wrote a routine to do it automatically. I thought someone else might like it, so I'll share it.

This routine would be useful to anyone who is doing line-graphics and wants them smoother, or for example if you are drawing a graph and want it to look more round and not so sharp.

The _PointDrawBezier() function is designed to draw open shapes, but with some modifications I can write another function better suited for closed shapes.

Anyway, have a look. The example is really easy to understand - it will ask you for a curve strength (just take the default of 0.5 for now) and then click on the screen to set the points. Once you have at least 4 point (3 points set, the mouse counts as a 4th), it can calculate the curve.

If you're curious to know where the control points are, then uncomment the 4 lines that have "$GUI_GR_DOT" in them.



Added a new version that also does closed figures.

Last version had 17 downloads.


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well done blindwig! Very nice...

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OK I wrote a function that does closed figures.

The function is _PointDrawBezierClosed()

If the display is confusing, go to GraphRedraw() and comment out the routines you don't want to see.

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