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Ansi <=> Oem String Conversion

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I haven't found any built-in function in AutoIt nor UDF on this forum to convert strings between OEM and ASCII code page.

And I don't know about the windows API which could do it.

The OEM code page is the one used by the command prompt and batch files, and the ANSI one is your normal windows one. The difference are with characters having codes > 127 (non-ASCII or extended ASCII).

So here are some UDFs of my own to do so.

Code pages used are those of your system.

If you're in western europe, it should be OEM=850 & ANSI=1252.

It works using the CHCP command, by writing and reading to a command prompt using StdinWrite and StdoutRead. So you'll need a good beta to compile it.


[Edit]: simplified the 'simple' function :)


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It works although i don't need it. Not bad for one of your first few posts

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