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Putting to ClipBoard, without ClipPut()

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I ran into a problem today and I am looking for a work-around. It seems that the issue is the '^c' (Copy) command is not being executed correctly. It has worked for the last 3 months, but now its giving me issues.

Is there a way to 'Copy' what is highlighted, to the clipboard, without using ClipPut or '^c' (Send("{CTRLDOWN}c{CTRLUP}"))?

sleep (2000)
$o_SearchForm = _IEFormGetObjByIndex ($o_IE, 0)
$o_Keywords = _IEFormElementGetObjByIndex ($o_SearchForm, "description" & $var)
Sleep (2000)
Sleep (2000)
$description_text = ClipGet ()
ToolTip ($description_text)
Sleep (1000)
ToolTip ("")

Thanks in Advance.

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Is there Copy_What_Is_Highlighted () type of command?

If you work with the IE object there are many solutions in the WSH-groups.


.document.execcommand "Copy"

works for you.

HTH, Reinhard

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