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Hey, i've been bored lately, i've been learning C++, trying to get DirectX to work and got pissed off and decided to take a break from c++ for a while.. lol

I wrote a remake of my Old A2D lib..

A2D is basically some functions to draw to the screen using a graphic control(_A2DCreateSurface). It can help you create custom controls you can use with a gui too :P.

look at the custom progress bar example.

I did'nt include enough info

So here is how to use it:

You only need to include A2D.au3 in your script.

to move the box in Movement.au3:

the movement keys are, left arrow, right arrow, up/down.. and press f3 to switch between mouse and keyboard(Movement.au3)


so, here it is: It has a few examples of how to use it, and a reference manual.

thanks to CoePSX for the _A2DMakeGradient() function!

btw, I only tested with beta #

everything is in the zip file.


Custom Progress Bar

Crazy Lines


Space Effect



Same Scene

Checkers w/peices

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Nice work!

And thanks for mentioning me!

[quote name='Valik' post='301213' date='Jan 31 2007, 10:36 PM']You seem to have a habit of putting things in the wrong place. I feel sorry for any female you attempt to have sex with.[/quote][font="Lucida Sans Unicode"][/font]

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This is really cool. Well done

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Thanks everyone :P

added checkerboard with checker peices example.

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