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TCF Bank Balance

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This script will automaticly log you in and update you with you current balance.

There is no error handling so if you don't have an account or you don't have checking it will most likely error out.

If you do have an account but never setup online banking do that at: www.tcfbank.com


#include <IE.au3>
While 1
$ie = _iecreate("https://enterprise1.openbank.com/fitcf/logon/user",0,0)
$form = _IEFormGetCollection ( $ie, 0 )
$user = _IEFormElementGetCollection ( $form, 0 )
$pass = _IEFormElementGetCollection ( $form, 1 )
_IEFormElementSetValue ( $user, '***-**-****' );Social Security Number is your login
_IEFormElementSetValue ( $pass, 'PASSWORD' );Password that you setup with the tcf online banking
_IEFormImageClick ( $ie, "submit_logon", "name" )
_IELoadWait ( $ie, 1000 )
$table = _IETableGetCollection ( $ie, 5 )
If @error Then
$table = _IETableWriteToArray ( $table )
If IsArray( $table ) Then TrayTip( "TCF Balance", $table[3][2], 1, 16 )
_IEQuit ($ie)

Func onautoitexit()
    _IEQuit( $ie )

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