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Writing in an exe

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You can't write it to the exe itself, and many people don't like when programs meddle in the registry, as it could possibly effect the performance of the machine. You could use an INI file, just store it somewhere where people don't usually look, or make it hidden to prevent people from changing the values.

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Hmmm... then what's the best way to tell if the program has been registered?

you could write a blank file called test.txt - put it in the folder that has your program in it and test to see if it exist - if not install it - or like suggested before use and INI file for the same purpose

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You can do what they said above like making a file.

you can also (if its a Internet only program) check it via a database thats saved in a website and connect to it

everytime you start up your program.

or make a file and write three characters in it, like "Q(-", write other characters between those:

"Qasdsad(asdasd-asdsdas" and encrypt that file with a password. later on, if you start up the program,

DECRYPT with the password and search for the characters "Q(-" if one of those isn't listed or file is edited/not there

show an error. that's to me the best way to make a 'registered-only' program..

oh yeah, i forgot you could also encrypt the computer name, so the file cannot be copy-pasted to another

computer, and requires an 'unique' magical keys.

sort of that :)

- bye

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