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Texas Holdem

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Well i done a texas holdem. There is pretty many bugs but im still pretty prowd

Known bugs:

*No SidePot(can do all in with 1 and win all,or all with all marks and lose against 1)

*Every new/load game you miss first deal

*Blind bugs pretty much, Loop for always

*Extreamly rare: You get the same card twice(visual errer), You get 1 card and floops an other but it looks the same.. (often happends with 2,3,4,Queen,kings and aces)'

*(before flop)Left to call gets unsynced, and sometimes it stays that bots raise more then they do(all in).

Good things:



*Well bots kindof

Bad thing:

*UGLY Gui and hard to see whats happening


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Nice software, if someone can fix the GUI this could be added to a poker site :whistle:

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Thank you

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Automan Empire

Nice work! There are some very innovative methods in your code.

I am particularly interested to see how you did the hand evaluation and ranking.

Have you considered doing a program for online poker (like Pokerstars) that reads the dealt cards (using Pixel Checksum) and makes recommendations?

"I've seen your work in the past, and it's novice at best..." SmOke_N

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I tried this and found that even if everyone else folded and I was the only one left - I still had to bet? You may need to check to make sure there are still players playing - and you may want to increase the size of your gui as the cards are too small.

Great idea and nice AI.

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