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Starting script at a certain time?

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I know I could start a script at a certain time by just timing it with sleep(XXXXXX) But that is not convenient because then I have to do all the math and such to figure out how long it needs to sleep. So, my question is, how can I start a script at a certain time, lets say 12 noon? Is it possible?

Second question, that I can figure out myself, but if someone would like to be kind and answer it quickly (or point me in the right direction) Of how I can minimize a window, so that it is not on the bottom of my page (so that the only way to get it back is winsetstatemaximize) . I did it in my WoW bot, but I copied someone else's script and put my own stuff between the lines. I would think that it is winsetstateminumize but it did not work (I just started working on this, so I am sure I can figure it out but help is always nice :whistle:)



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1) Use appropriate English with punctuation. I don't wanna read your thought train/

Answer to your first enquiry:

While @Hour <> 12

Just keep sleeping until it is noon. >.<


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Would you have to somehow read the system time to do that?

@hour - Retrives the current Hour in 24 hour time format

@min - Retrives the current minute

@Sec - Retrives the current second

And code that tells you if it is 1PM:

While 1
    IF @hour = 13 and @MIN = 0 and @SEC = 0 Then
        MsgBox (0, "HELLO!", "IT's 1:00pm!")
        Sleep (200)

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There are a few approaches in Autoit Wrappers too!

; Time Machine #2
; Hours  & Minutes

; Author Valuater

$start = @HOUR & ":" & @MIN + 2 ; for testing

While 1

    $start2 = @HOUR & ":" & @MIN

    If $start = $start2 Then

    ToolTip("Start Time = " & $start & @CRLF & "Real Time = " & $start2, 20, 20, "Time Machine", 1)




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