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Edit Read-Only

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How can I make an edit read-only?

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use this style


check example

GUICreate ("TEST", 220, 120)
GUICtrlCreateEdit ("This is a test text line 1" & @CRLF & "This is line 2" , 10 , 10 , 200 , 100 , $ES_READONLY)
GUICtrlSetFont (-1,10, 600)
GUISetState ()
While 1
    $MSG = GUIGetMsg ()
Edited by star2

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Why newbies not just look at help to find styles?

I can do signature me.

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Thanks. ^^

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If you want to turn it on and off, and have the backcolor different other than grayed:

#include <GuiConstants.au3>

Global Const $WM_COMMAND = 0x0111
Global Const $EN_CHANGE = 0x300
Global Const $EN_SETFOCUS = 0x100
Global Const $EN_KILLFOCUS = 0x200
Global Const $DebugIt = 1
Global $changed = 0

GUICreate("My GUI combo")  ; will create a dialog box that when displayed is centered

$edit = GUICtrlCreateEdit("This is a test, this is only a test", 80, 50, 270, 170) ; create first item
$btn_exit = GUICtrlCreateButton("Exit", 40, 230, 60, 20)
$btn_readonly = GUICtrlCreateButton("Read-Only", 120, 230, 60, 20)
GUICtrlSetBkColor($edit, 0xFFFFFF)

While 1
    Switch GUIGetMsg()
        Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE, $btn_exit
        Case $btn_readonly
            If GUICtrlRead($btn_readonly) == "Read-Only" Then
                GUICtrlSetData($btn_readonly, "Edit")
                GUICtrlSendMsg($edit, $EM_SETREADONLY, True, 0)
                GUICtrlSetData($btn_readonly, "Read-Only")
                GUICtrlSendMsg($edit, $EM_SETREADONLY, False, 0)

Func _Edit_Changed()
    If $DebugIt Then _DebugPrint("Edit Changed:" & GUICtrlRead($edit))
    If $DebugIt Then _DebugPrint(StringLen(GUICtrlRead($edit)))
EndFunc   ;==>_Edit_Changed

Func _Edit_GotFocus()
    If $DebugIt Then _DebugPrint("Edit Got Focus")
EndFunc   ;==>_Edit_GotFocus

Func _Edit_LostFocus()
    If $DebugIt Then _DebugPrint("Edit Lost Focus")
EndFunc   ;==>_Edit_LostFocus

Func MY_WM_COMMAND($hWnd, $msg, $wParam, $lParam)
    Local $nNotifyCode = _HiWord($wParam)
    Local $nID = _LoWord($wParam)
    Local $hCtrl = $lParam
    Switch $nID
        Case $edit
            Switch $nNotifyCode
                Case $EN_CHANGE
                Case $EN_SETFOCUS
                Case $EN_KILLFOCUS
    ; Proceed the default Autoit3 internal message commands.
    ; You also can complete let the line out.
    ; !!! But only 'Return' (without any value) will not proceed
    ; the default Autoit3-message in the future !!!
EndFunc   ;==>MY_WM_COMMAND

Func _DebugPrint($s_Text, $line = @ScriptLineNumber, $file = @ScriptName)  
    ConsoleWrite( _
   "!===========================================================" & @LF & _
   "+======================================================" & @LF & _
   "-->Line(" & StringFormat("%04d", $line) & "):" & @TAB & $s_Text & @LF & _
   "+======================================================" & @LF)
EndFunc   ;==>_DebugPrint

Func _HiWord($x)
    Return BitShift($x, 16)
EndFunc   ;==>_HiWord

Func _LoWord($x)
    Return BitAND($x, 0xFFFF)
EndFunc   ;==>_LoWord

SciTE for AutoItDirections for Submitting Standard UDFs


Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.


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