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Hey Guys lol this is usless but might as well post it its my first own made script took me around 3-6mins lol heres the code Enjoy :)

; AutoIt Version: 3.0
; Language:    English
; Platform:    Win9x/NT
; Author:        Script Learner
; Script Function:
;   Opens Notepad, types in some text and then quits.

; Prompt the user to run the script - use a Yes/No prompt (4 - see help file)
$answer = MsgBox(4, "Script Learners Notes", "This script will run Notepad type in some Stuff and then quit.  Wanna Run It?")

; Check the user's answer to the prompt (see the help file for MsgBox return values)
; If "No" was clicked (7) then exit the script
If $answer = 7 Then
    MsgBox(0, "Sure You Wanna Leave?", "OK.  Bye! Thanks For Viewing Script Learners First Script")

; Run Notepad

; Wait for the Notepad become active - it is titled "Untitled - Notepad" on English systems
WinWaitActive("Untitled - Notepad")

; Now that the Notepad window is active type some text
Send("Hey This Is My First Script Just A Test.{ENTER}Hey My First Script Not Much{ENTER}But Atleast Its A Start!{ENTER}Well Thanks For Taking Your Time Bye{ENTER}Created By Script Learner®{ENTER}Exiting Script Learners Notes")
Send("+{UP 2}")

; Finished!

Lol Bye

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Good Job. Keep up your commenting habits, it's truly a pleasure to see scripts commented like that :) Unfortunately, I find it difficult and annoying to comment my scripts.


Awaiting Diablo III..

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First thing I noticed is your excellent commenting, one good habit I never picked up.

My Programs:AInstall - Create a standalone installer for your programUnit Converter - Converts Length, Area, Volume, Weight, Temperature and Pressure to different unitsBinary Clock - Hours, minutes and seconds have 10 columns each to display timeAutoIt Editor - Code Editor with Syntax Highlighting.Laserix Editor & Player - Create, Edit and Play Laserix LevelsLyric Syncer - Create and use Synchronised Lyrics.Connect 4 - 2 Player Connect 4 Game (Local or Online!, Formatted Chat!!)MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, Tiger and Whirlpool Hash Finder - Dictionary and Brute Force FindCool Text Client - Create Rendered ImageMy UDF's:GUI Enhance - Enhance your GUIs visually.IDEA File Encryption - Encrypt and decrypt files easily! File Rename - Rename files easilyRC4 Text Encryption - Encrypt text using the RC4 AlgorithmPrime Number - Check if a number is primeString Remove - remove lots of strings at onceProgress Bar - made easySound UDF - Play, Pause, Resume, Seek and Stop.
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I have to agree with everyone and say that i wish i had the patience to comment my codes like you have.

If you haven't seen it yet, my i recommend trying this program right here: Welcome to Autoit 1-2-3

Best introduction to autoit i can find :)

So I bid you a slightly belated welcome to the forum, and wish you good luck with you scripting ventures :P

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