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AMP - AMP Up Your Tunes - Advanced Media Player 2.0

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Media Player


Created By: Dustin Back

And the help of AutoIT forum members

Cd-Key Algorithm: Ron Davis

Sinks: Dustin Back

Build 1900

Version 2.0.0

Designed For: Windows Vista, XP, and 2000 Professional Designed With: AutoIt v3 and Koda FD

Koda FD Version Beta


AutoIT Version


Donate to AutoIT



Posted Image


1. Refresh Button

-Refreshes the main library

2. Current Directory Button

-Shows the current selected directory, that was selected from the browse button

3. Browse Button

-Used to pick a folder to add music from

4. Add Directory to List

-Adds the currently selected directory to the list of directories to add media from

5. Directories List

-A list of all folders to add music from

6. Add Media to library Button

-Begins adding media from each folder in the directories list into the library.

7. Song Information Bar

-Used to display information about what media is playing

8. Search Bar

-Used to input search criteria

9. Find Button

-Used to begin a search using the criteria in the search bar

10. Status Bar

-Used to display the status of the player

11. Library list

-Used to display all media in the library

12. Pause/Resume Button

-Used to pause or resume your music

13. Stop Button

-Used to stop the media that is playing

14. Random Song Button

-Plays a song that is randomly chosen from the items in the main library

15. Seek Bar [seek Not Yet Supported]

-Used to show the percentage of song completion. Soon will seek!

16. Slider for Volume control

-Adjusts the Wave volume output


-Getting Started-

1. In This Folder you'll find an Application Named 'ADVANCED MP 2.0 Installer.exe' you need to double click this file to run it.

2. The program then provides you some information and shows your free space find a 'Next' button, click it.

3. This is a freeware version of ADVANCED MP 2.0 but it still requires a CD-key, so use the freeware key, 1364-0780-0262-0000-1. Click the button labeled 'Next'.

4. The file installation selection screen is used for advanced installations, its better just to check all files. Click the 'Next' Button

5. Installation will now begin, after installation is finished click the button labeled 'Exit'

6. Find a shortcut on the desktop named 'ADVANCED MP 2.0" and double click it. It can also be found in the start menu under All Programs>DDB Software>ADVANCED MP 2.0


  • The first time you run this program it will give you an error message, about a skin file, let it fix the problem
  • The CD-KEY is 1364-0780-0262-0000-1, dashes are important!!
  • Installer file coming soon

-Changing the Appearance-

1. Go to Start, All Programs>DDB Software>DDB MP Designer

2. Select the properties you'd like to edit by changing it in the dropdown then clicking 'Load Control'

3. Edit the way you'd like it.

Note: The skin for the media player is auto saved every time you change it, but if you want to save or load another use the buttons.

4. Restart ADVANCED MP 2.0 to Apply changes.

-Adding media to your library-

1. Run ADVANCED MP 2.0

2. Click the 'browse' button.

3. Select a Folder that contains your media

4. Click 'Add to Directories List'

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have all of your music folders in the list.

6. Click 'Add Media From Directories' and the program will begin adding the media to your library.


-Playing a Random song-

1. Run ADVANCED MP 2.0

2. Click the button that is labeled '>>'

3. It should then being playing a random song

-Searching for a song-

1. Run ADVANCED MP 2.0

2. Find the Input bar that says 'Search Terms..."

3. Type in your search criteria

4. Either Press enter or click 'Find'

Note: To get your library back clear the search input box, then either hit enter or search

-Playing a song-

1. Run ADVANCED MP 2.0

2. Wait for the status to read 'Idle...'

3. Find the song in your library that you would like to play

4. Right Click this song and go to 'Play'

5. Left Click 'Play'

3. Double Click the song you want to play

Note: Double Clicking Doesn't Work!


· When searching it will search multiple times after your done typing.


-Up Coming Features-

· -Creating A Play list-*

· -Deleting A Play list-*

· -Delete Media From Your Library-*

· -Rename A song-*

· -Change the Directory of a song-*

· -Reset the Library-*

· -Ability to seek- Very Poor, but works

· -Independent Volume Control (Not using Wave Volume)-

· -Sleek Layout-

· Auto Find Changes in your music folder(updater) Done! Ctrl+U

· Double Click To Play

· Online Data Base (Under Construction)

· *Note: Function was written and used in Advanced MP 1.0 but has not yet been added to 2.0

-Current Features-

-String In String Power Searching-

-Up to 3999 songs-

-Mp3, WMA, and MID Support-

-Extremely Small-

-Low CPU consumption-

-Sinkable layout-

-Detailed Media Information, 10 Entries-

-Fixing Your Library-

If you have some kind of library related error you can manually reset by:

1. Locate the folder for ADVANCED MP 2.0, normally it would be C:\DDB\

2. When you find and open the folder look for an item named 'Library.ini'

3. Double click it and should be brought up in Notepad

4. Highlight all the contents {ctrl+a} and then delete them.

5. Now make your library match the one below. Then save and run ADVANCED MP 2.0




Skin = '\Default.skik'







Source,Compiled,Designer, and Skins! AMP_2.zip

Edited by DBak

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Thanks It was desinged as a gnu for a local dj company... just a lil project i did for community service!

Have fun with it! Tell me about an bugs...

Great work, I like it. The only thing I would change are just some little stuff, like the search field, maybe make it so when you hit enter on the input box it submits. but awesome.

Could it play streaming?

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At this point no streaming support... But if someone could tell me how I would try to make it.

And as for the hit enter it used to be that way using the style $SS_NOTFIY with the input, but for some reason after you hit enter once, then every time you changed it, as in enter antoher letter it would search the resluts so when your typing if your term was 8 characters long it would search 8 times...

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Recursive search for media, but great work! :)

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ok maybe i just suck, but I didn't find it to be all you said it was. out of the 3 times I tried using it, it locked up once, and somehow managed to change the status bar into wingdings font once. To find the average person's hundreds of songs would take a very long time. Drag and Drop should be added. I was going to see how slow it went with a couple hundred songs, but it locked up, so I didn't try. The few skins I tried were too strongly done for me. Blacks, blues, greens and grays don't seem to mix very well. I would go with milder colors: olive green, silver, dark sky blue, maybe gold, or tan. I guess you do have the skin maker program, so that's ok. It was necessary to find the folder every time. And then click the down arrow button, and then click add. no big deal, maybe just a button to find the folder and auto-add its contents. Not a big deal. But navigating to My Documents\My Music\ITunes\ITunes Music\Artist Folder\Album Folder more than 10 times gets old. Maybe start the navigation at a pre-specified folder, if possible. The slider didn't work for me at all. No matter where I set it, it just jumped like 10% up. The automatic sound change was irritating. For my other PC with the wave generally border line bottom, anything going on would be devastating. My current with it all the way up quieted everything unreasonably. You could have your ini remember the previous sound volume. Allow your program to separate songs into album and artist folders, if you want. Everybody likes tidy files... Can you play songs in a predefined manner. As in just going down the line? What makes it better than the free WMP? didn't find anything. but good job for writing something from scratch. I just didn't see any real purpose.

Edited by crzftx

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Personally I've never had it lock up on me, but i could see it happening. I find it better than windows media player because the search functions actually work, also i have created a program that can index all your music with recursion and put it into a compatiable library file... its for the next version that ill be releasing. Sorry to hear you didnt like it, it would be nice if you could help inprove the source since this is an open source project. But thanks for letting me know your opinion.

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I will start looking through the monster ~1500 lines tomorrow, or sometime soon... If it'd be alright with you, I would probably start from scratch and just "borrow" some of your functions. Its harder to improve than it is to find the good, re-usable code. If not, I will try improving. Of course, I'm not saying I can do better.

Actually, Im still confused, which WMP do you use? WMP 11 has a perfect search function. It searches all the names, artists, albums, years, etc. Or is that too much? I really don't know what you mean.

Edited by crzftx

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So little posts....

Come on guys....

HAHA! I know THAT feeling!

This is a cool media player, but for me, it would need a "make tiny" button; I have an obsession about small GUIs; this one wouldn't let me resize it at all, also I'm hooked on WinAmp.

It's great to see folk doing making more adventurous GUI's with AutoIt, though. This one has some lovely touches, the sliding labels were pretty. But it does need a recursive add function (I posted a handy recurse function that would do it, quite recently - there are loads kicking around) for adding files. I waited for a good minute (after pointing it at the root of my music archive) thinking it was still scanning, but it wasn't even trying! I tend to make deep directory structures, so filling this library would take all week. Even just adding files from a single folder; it felt like I was doing a lot of clicking to achieve very little. Basically..

Add resize

Add color schemes (black GUI's are no use for my eyes)

Add recursive search

Fix drag position handle placement

Maybe some feedback on the position handle and volume handle

Perhaps the choose folder dialog could remember its previous position

Consider an "auto add" checkbox

Wildcards in search terms (e.g. "foo*" matches footloose.mp3)

I have to stop now, the black GUI is playing havoc with my vision.



nothing is foolproof to the sufficiently talented fool..

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Recursive coming soon, It'll be part of the installer file, and also you can change the skin use the editor, then whatever skin you want must be saved as defualt.skik in the programs dir.. Also you can change the skin it points to in the library. Volume fixes may be a little harder to fix, that would mean switching to using the windows media player object... In the next version i have a lot of new plans, and some new fixes, a newer GUI, and as for search, if u type in foo it will find footlose.mp3, it uses StringInStr( command to compare. Faster search routines, and alike media will be grouped in the newer version. Not sure about the name of this program should it be changed.

Is this better than PPlayer???

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I've never headr of PPlayer, but if I was writing a media player (which I probably wouldn't, because there are already so many that fulfil my needs perfectly), I'd be asking "Is it better than WinAmp?"

Looking forward to the next version, though.



nothing is foolproof to the sufficiently talented fool..

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I've never headr of PPlayer, but if I was writing a media player (which I probably wouldn't, because there are already so many that fulfil my needs perfectly), I'd be asking "Is it better than WinAmp?"

Looking forward to the next version, though.



PP player was created by Pascal257


It's nice but I still like WinAmp more.

I personally think that this player is better the PP Player but I still like WinAmp more then it too :)

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ok well i was just hoping that my program was better than PPlayer, maybe ill try to get it closer to matching winamp, but itll never be as good as win amp!!! Thanks for the feed back

And why? Everyone's releasing his own media player since I published PPlayer. It's incredible how many media players are available now on AutoIt Forums...

(Just take a look on the search) (They're 8. Topics mostly begin with "Another media player". - 3 of them are from you.)

I don't want to blame your player but it has not even nearly as much features as PPlayer.

So why don't you help developing on PPlayer instead of making tons of media players trying to be similar with pplayer or even be better?

You cannot reach this goal without copying my ideas and features. (Probably just taking my code)

I tried your Player... I like the idea with the upcoming text on the title and the startup. But added music to the library ended with an error:


It adds "From_Internet1.mp3" that even does not exists in the choosen directory...



Edit: It entertained me reading your profile. Especially this:

I'm enjoy making media players, why I don't know, I really am interested in making a media player thats far more advanced than PPlayer. Do you want to help??

I answered above <_< Edited by Pascal257

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