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Video (id) tagging ? avi,mpg,etc...

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Anyone have any experience with tagging video, iwe searched the net abit but cant seem to find anything usefull.

My purpose with this: I have a WMC (Windows Media Center) server running and i also have Xbox360 where i use its features inn my living room to watch movies/tv, iwe downloaded but now i have more then 1200 video files stored on my server and without having a propper folder structure its a big mess, + folder structure does not look to good. Having files propperly tagged would let me use some of the nifty features witch comes with WMC.

Iwe also found a few "Windows Media Player" UDF's on the boards where i was able to read some tags but lacking set tag.

UDF:Crypter a file encrypt / decrypt tool with no need to remember a password again. Based on Caesar cipher using entire ASCII Table.Script's: PixelSearch Helper, quick and simple way to create a PixelSeach.Chatserver - simplified, not so complicated multi-socket server.AutoIT - Firewall, simple example on howto create a firewall with AutoIt.

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