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Hi all,

Is it possible to check the number a file has. My files are named like this:

001 Myfile.mp3

002 Myfile.mp3

003 Myfile.mp3

So I want my script to look for the highest number, in this case 003. When I place a file in a specified directory, (for example: myfile2.mp3) I want the script to move the file to the directory where the other files are also in and then rename it to 004 myfile2.mp3)

I Only need to know how to do the checking for the number. I've already looked at the string functions, but could find anything helpful. Thanks all!

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$string = "003 Myfile.mp3"
$array = StringRegExp($string, "\A\d*", 3)

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Global $sDir, $hFiles, $sFilename, $aResult, $nNext

$sDir = FileSelectFolder("Choose destination folder", "")
If StringRight($sDir, 1) <> "\" Then $sDir &= "\"

$hFiles = FileFindFirstFile($sDir & "*.mp3")
$nNext = 0

While 1
    $sFilename = FileFindNextFile($hFiles)
    If @error Then ExitLoop
    $aResult = StringRegExp($sFilename, "([0-9]+).*\.mp3", 1)
    If Not @error And UBound($aResult) >= 1 Then
        If Int($aResult[0]) > $nNext Then $nNext = Int($aResult[0])

$nNext += 1
MsgBox(0, "Information", StringFormat("The next valid number is %03d", $nNext))

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