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Collecting info from website

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How could this be done, lets say i wanna check weather from http://www.hs.fi/saa/ with autoit script. So whats the fastest way to do this? Or is this even possible? And no, i dont want to use shellexecute.

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See the IE management section of the User Defined Functions in the helpfile. You will also find many many examples in this forum.


Free Internet Tools: DebugBar, AutoIt IE Builder, HTTP UDF, MODIV2, IE Developer Toolbar, IEDocMon, Fiddler, HTML Validator, WGet, curl

MSDN docs: InternetExplorer Object, Document Object, Overviews and Tutorials, DHTML Objects, DHTML Events, WinHttpRequest, XmlHttpRequest, Cross-Frame Scripting, Office object model

Automate input type=file (Related)

Alternative to _IECreateEmbedded? better: _IECreatePseudoEmbedded  Better Better?

IE.au3 issues with Vista - Workarounds

SciTe Debug mode - it's magic: #AutoIt3Wrapper_run_debug_mode=Y Doesn't work needs to be ripped out of the troubleshooting lexicon. It means that what you tried did not produce the results you expected. It begs the questions 1) what did you try?, 2) what did you expect? and 3) what happened instead?

Reproducer: a small (the smallest?) piece of stand-alone code that demonstrates your trouble

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I dont speak Finnish, but the basic idea is to search the webpage source code for setain text & if its there then do something:

#include <Array.au3> ; needed for arraydisplay othervise not needed to include

$URL = 'http://www.hs.fi/saa/'

    $oHTTP = ObjCreate("winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1")
    $HTMLSource = $oHTTP.Responsetext

    $_Arrayline = StringSplit($HTMLSource, @LF) ; this is the Array $_Arrayline
    _ArrayDisplay($_Arrayline, "blaaa") ; is hire to show you the contents of the array, you can comment this out
        for $i = 1 to $_Arrayline[0] 
            If StringInStr($_Arrayline[$i],'<strong>Helsinki</strong>') Then    ; search Array line for text start from line 1 & end with line 0                
                If StringInStr( $_Arrayline[$i-7],'000.gif') Then  MsgBox(0,'Array Column 2 line: ' & $i ,$_Arrayline[$i-7] & @CRLF & 'Its a sunny day1')
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