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Need help with string [SOLVED]

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Im trying to write a script that will recognize an equation

$input = InputBox("","")
$array = Stringsplit($input, "x")

What I want to do this is to strip all the white spaces off of all of the variable arrays. I was going to do StringStripWs. But here is my problem, I dont know how many array variables there will be. Like for example, if I entered 2x + 3. Then there would be variables array[1] and array[2], array[1] contains "2" while array[2] contains " + 3". But if I entered 3x^2 + 2x + 3. Then there would be three arrays. So how can I get the number of arrays created with the Stringsplit so I could use StringStripWs to strip the white spaces off of all of my array varriables? I was thinking something like $array[$x] but Im still a newbie so can anyone help me?

Found it. The function I needed was Ubound() :)

$input = InputBox("","")
$array = Stringsplit($input, "x")
$x = Ubound($array)
For $i = 0 to $x - 1
    $array[$i] = Stringstripws($array[$i], 8)
MsgBox(0,"",$array[$x - 1])
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#include <Array.au3>

$string = '3x^2 + 2x + 3'

$array = StringSplit($string,' ',1); Remove spaces & split

_ArrayDisplay($array, "My Array")

MsgBox(4096,"Info", 'Array consists of ' & $array[0] & ' Rows')

For $r = 0 to UBound($array,1) - 1 
    MsgBox(4096,"$array[" & $r & ']', '_' & $array[$r] & '_                        ');I put alot of apaces hire so you could see the $array[$r]
    ConsoleWrite('_' & $array[$r] & '_' & @CRLF)

; Sample 2 you can remove spaces also like this:

$string = stringreplace($string,' ','') ; replace space with nothing

    ConsoleWrite($string & @CRLF)

Edit: ah ok just search help file for string & there are alot of functions + dont forget to check the user defined functions in the help file under String management

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