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Convert file to binary and then binary to file

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I am trying to take a simple txt file and convert it from the file to binary and then take that binary and convert it back to the original file.

Here is how I thought it should work but I was wrong.


Func ReadBlob($Source)
    $SourceFile = FileOpen($Source,16)

    While 1 
        $FileData = FileRead($SourceFile)
        If @error = -1 Then ExitLoop

    $FileData = Binary($FileData)

    $OutFile = FileOpen("C:\bcmsdb2.sql",18)
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Converting a text file to binary will have no real effect. The output will be the same.

So are you trying to convert a file to Hex?


Ed: oh, I see what you are asking now.... man your script is unwell.

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$FileData = FileRead($SourceFile)

should that be : ?

$FileData &= FileRead($SourceFile)

Why would it be in a loop anyway?

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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This is what I use:

;~ _convert file to binary_[ORIGINAL by Fabry].au3

$file = FileOpenDialog('Open the image file', @ScriptDir, 'image (*.mp3;*.jpg;*.bmp;*gif;*.png;*.txt;*.au3;*.exe)', 1)

$file2 = FileSaveDialog('Save the file', @ScriptDir, 'script (*.au3)')

_CheckExt($file2, 'au3')

$var = InputBox('Name variable', 'Prompt the name variable used', '$pic')

_CheckCapital($var, '$')

$hfile = FileOpen($file, 16)
$hfile2 = FileOpen($file2, 2)

FileWrite($hfile2, $var&'="0x"' & @CRLF)

While 1
    $data = FileRead($hfile, 4); how many chars we read at the time $data = FileRead($hfile)will read whole file
    If @error Then ExitLoop
    FileWrite($hfile2, $var&'&="' & StringTrimLeft($data,2) & '"' & @CRLF)

MsgBox(0, 'Done!!', 'Done by Fabry!!!')

Func _CheckExt(ByRef $s_file, $s_ext)
    If StringRight($s_file, StringLen($s_ext)) <> $s_ext Then $s_file &= '.' & $s_ext
EndFunc   ;==>_CheckExt

Func _CheckCapital(ByRef $s_file, $s_cap)
    If StringLeft($s_file, StringLen($s_cap)) <> $s_cap Then $s_file = $s_cap & $s_file
EndFunc   ;==>_CheckExtoÝ÷ Ù«­¢+Ø쥹ÉäQ¼¥±½¹ÙÉÑÈ((¥¹±Õ±Ðíe½ÕÈ    ¥¹É䥱¹ÔÌÐì((ÀÌØí¥±ô¥±=Á¹¥±½ Ìäí=Á¸Ñ¡   ¥¹É䥱Ìäì°MÉ¥ÁѥȰÌäí   ¥¹Éä ¨¹Ô̤Ìäì°Ä¤((ÀÌØí¥±Èô¥±MÙ¥±½ ÌäíMÙÑ¡¥±Ìäì°MÉ¥ÁѥȰÌäì ¨¸¨¤Ìäì¤()1½°ÀÌØíÙÈôÅÕ½ÐìÁàÅÕ½Ðì()¥±]É¥Ñ ÀÌØí¥±È°   ¥¹Éä ÀÌØíÙȤ¤
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I will try the suggestions. This is the first step in the process of taking a file converting it to binary and then saving that binary data into an Access database. Then I would take that data and convert it back to the original file.

I am hoping for something similar to


I figured the first step was to see if I could convert a text file to binary and then write it back to a file. Which is also why it was in a loop.


I am still new at AutoIt so the code probably is very badly written.

Edited by JohnW
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