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Facebook - Mafia Wars - Automatic buying properties

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Hi all,

UPDATED (current version 4.8):


WHAT IT DOES: (you can rearrange the functions to suit your needs, so the following is an algorithm that works for me)

- opens IE window with Mafia Wars (this can be switched to hidden mode)

-- if you're not logged into Facebook, it will log you in (don't forget to fill variables $email and $password) - Thanks to koldkaos

-- if you are in Cuba it will automatically fly you to NY

- reads current prices and hourly earnings for each property

- calculates current price per earning ratio for each property

- sorts properties from lowest to highest P/E

- reads your cash balance (not what you have in bank)

- attempts to make the best buy for the money you have

- continues with "reads current prices...." until you are out of money or no purchase can be done meeting criteria:

-- $minBuy - lot (amount of items in 1 purchase [1-10])

-- $PEmax - maximum price per earning ratio value

-- $maxRank - maximum allowed P/E ranking

- flies to Cuba

- sells all crates produced by your businesses and collects politico corrupto

- deposits all C$ to bank - currently doesn't work

- fights weakest opponent from opponents offered on Fight screen (if you win the fight and button Attack Again! is available, you will fight the same opponent again)

- executes selected job (on the screen displayed after clicking Jobs)

- accepts energy pack (if available and conditions met...) and sends energy pack to friends

- fights and does jobs again...

- closes IE and quits

- heals (if conditions are met) and fights again

- get gifts if available - doesn't work yet..

- flying between NY and Cuba fixed (since Transport button was introduced)

- UPDATE: as requested, I have added looping functionality, so you can enable looping ($loop = 1) and set loop delay ($loopDelay) in minutes; to stop the loop at any time and finalize the script with the summary, press Shift-Alt-L (the script will finalize after finishing current/next run); I didn't test this functionality, so let me know if there are some problems


- obviously, you have to have a Facebook account, have Mafia Wars application activated/installed, have some Mafia Wars (NY) money to spend, have businesses in Cuba

- define following variables:

-- $email - your Facebook login (will be needed only if you are not logged in by default)

-- $password - your Facebook password (will be needed only if you are not logged in by default)

-- $minBuy - lot (amount of NY properties in 1 purchase [1-10])

-- $PEmax - maximum price per earning ratio value (I recently stopped purchasing at 7000)

-- $maxRank - for item to be bought, it must placed among e.g. top 3 properties (based on P/E ratio ranking) [1-12]

-- $minEnergy - level of energy when to stop executing jobs (don't decrease below energy amount necessary to execute selected job!)

-- $minHealth - level of health when to stop fighting [20-...]

-- $minStamina - level of stamina at which healing is enabled [0-...]

-- $jobNum - job to execute (on screen displayed when you click 'Jobs') [1-n] (n is number of jobs available on selected screen)

-- $minExpDiff - minimum difference between current experience and exp. needed for next level at which you want to enable accepting energy pack

-- $loop = 0 ; loop the script execution: 0-off, 1-on

-- $loopDelay = 60 ; delay between runs (if looping is enabled) [minutes]


- there are still some things to fix (e.g. 'fight result unknown' happens from time to time - script should handle it, just let it work...) and some unfinished/WIP functions (e.g. playing lotto, helping friends, claiming rewards)

- watch the console - it tells you what's happening :-)

- I am sure it could have been coded more neatly, but I wasn't aiming to win a beauty contest with this code :-)

- script contains bunch of useless (commented) stuff which are remains of code development and debugging - feel free to clean it

- the shopping logic I used seems quite reasonable to me, but I will be glad to hear your ideas

- script is now built into functions, so you can play with the flow of the execution - see the script

- also any improvements are welcome

have fun :-)



p.s. oh yes... if you want to join my mafia, add me - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=550...amp;ref=profile

p.s.2 I suppose next update will be necessary after Moscow is launched...

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If you add:

$oLForm = _IEFormGetCollection($oIE,0)

$oEmail = _IEFormElementGetObjByName($oLForm, "email")

_IEFormElementSetValue($oEmail, $email)

$oPass = _IEFormElementGetObjByName($oLForm, "pass")

_IEFormElementSetValue($oPass, $pass)


Where $oIE is your Internet Explorer Object and $email and $pass are strings containing your email and password it will log onto facebook for you when on a login page.

Also i have a Property Calculate writen in Excel here http://everyrandom.com/blog/?p=37 which might be helpful.

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I'd like to take a look at this, but the link in the original post is no longer valid. Is the file hosted somewhere else?

-edit- Nevermind, I just wasn't logged in...sorry about that.

Edited by SimianPirate

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Just to make number thingy easier add this code.

Add this somewhere at the top.

$mynum = "";Mafia Wars profile number.

Then do a replace:

Find What: 10979261223

Replace with: "&$mynum&"

I like the idea, ima start write this into objects so it can be used inn a dynamic matter :)

UDF:Crypter a file encrypt / decrypt tool with no need to remember a password again. Based on Caesar cipher using entire ASCII Table.Script's: PixelSearch Helper, quick and simple way to create a PixelSeach.Chatserver - simplified, not so complicated multi-socket server.AutoIT - Firewall, simple example on howto create a firewall with AutoIt.

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