AutoIt Documentation Localization

If you are willing to help out with any translations, and are able to help maintain your translation, then drop me an email!  I’m not worried about the format as long as it will be helpful to speakers of that language! 🙂  And, don’t forget to credit yourself in your translation!

You can find the uncompiled html files for the current version of AutoIt in the Archive. (called


LanguageAutoIt VersionAuthor
SpanishVarious (maintained externally)jos, elgabioline, novi
GermanVarious (maintained externally)Das Team von
Russianv3.2.5.4Valery Ivanov
Russianv3.2.4.0Valery Ivanov
Russianv3.1.0Valery Ivanov
Russianv3.0.102Valery Ivanov
Italianv3.0.102Giuseppe Criaco