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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Version
#172 StructureConstants.au3 - $tagREBARINFO Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#445 SubStructure Support in Structure Tags Feature Request AutoIt
#2668 Subclassing issue on CallWindowProc Bug AutoIt
#3869 Subtraction operator before power operation is parsed incorrectly Jon Bug AutoIt
#368 Success of _ArrayToClip is now -1 (used to be 1 and as still documented) Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1807 Success of some commands relies on last keyboard/mouse action Bug AutoIt
#473 Suggested modification to the internal RunWait command Feature Request AutoIt
#564 Suggestion Feature Request AutoIt
#287 Suggestion: Add an optional parameter "Referrer" to the Fuction "InetGet()" Feature Request AutoIt
#655 Suggestion: DllCall for pointers Feature Request AutoIt
#3630 Superscripting attribute in the Rich Edit control doesn't work Feature Request AutoIt
#1926 Support for #AutoIt3Wrapper_outfile_x64 Feature Request Aut2Exe
#2665 Support for EFS (Encrypting File System) Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1211 Support for Mouse drag operation Feature Request AutoIt
#1595 SupportedOS ID for manifest trancexx Feature Request Aut2Exe
#2640 Surprising conversion Jon Bug AutoIt
#1700 Synchronous ObjEvent trancexx Feature Request Future Release AutoIt
#342 Syntax Check after Build/Compile Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#3526 Syntax Coloring Not Working Intermittently with Respect to #cs and #ce Directives Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#2795 Syntax Highlighting in the forum still uses "old" Excel UDF syntax Bug Future Release Documentation
#2238 Syntax check warning on using variable inside declare state Bug AutoIt
#2796 Syntax error not detected Bug AutoIt
#137 Syntax highlighting for custom function names Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#173 SysListView32 and, Gets different instance than Jon Bug AutoIt
#2669 TCP Send and TCP Receive (Example 2) FireFox Bug Documentation
#988 TCP Send with URGENT bit active Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#2670 TCP connection lost on blocking functions. Bug AutoIt
#3957 TCP functions have spelling errors Jpm Bug Documentation
#1573 TCPConnect TCPTimeout Jon Bug AutoIt
#1310 TCPConnect Timeout Feature Request Future Release AutoIt
#3151 TCPConnect() return always -1 on a public ip Bug AutoIt
#569 TCPRecv - SocketToIp() function in Helpfile example has incorrect DllCall() Jpm Bug Documentation
#2906 TCPRecv can't detect closed client web browser sockets Bug AutoIt
#3115 TCPRecv doesn't detect closed socket Bug AutoIt
#2596 TCPRecv not returning data, and setting @error to -1 Jpm Bug AutoIt
#291 TCPRecv() example in help file incorrect Bug AutoIt
#2937 TCPRecv() set @error to -1 when a telnet client connect on socket Bug AutoIt
#3671 TCPRecv/TCPAccept wrong @error detection (also -1 and -2 ...) Bug AutoIt
#3572 TCPSend can hang forever without returning an error Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1626 TCPSend( ) only transmits half simplified Chinese characters Jpm Bug AutoIt
#2513 TCPSend() Not functioning with string over 225 characters in length. Bug AutoIt
#1150 TCPrecv returns @error=-1 Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#2479 TIDY Crash Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#2525 TIDY Crash - (issue #2) Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt Other
#2482 TIDY: #Tidy_Parameters=/sf issue Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#582 Tab Item on a Tab Control, Tips not showing Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#987 Telnet capabilities Feature Request AutoIt
#2750 Ternary Operator Should Have the Lowest Precedence Feature Request AutoIt
#2413 Ternary operator - Remarks - PROPOSAL guinness Feature Request Documentation
#2620 Ternary operator and php 5.3 sugar syntax Feature Request AutoIt
#3200 Ternary operator for functions Bug Au3Check
#3624 Ternary statement cannot be just an expression. Bug Au3Check
#60 Test Bug Valik Bug AutoIt Other
#76 Test Bug Jon Bug AutoIt
#1787 Test coverage features Feature Request AutoIt
#18 Test ticket Bug AutoIt
#295 Test ticket Valik Bug AutoIt
#2 Test2 somebody Bug Future Release AutoIt
#2901 Text file as a binary Jon Bug AutoIt
#925 Text not put in file, if uncomment function "FileOpenDialog" Bug AutoIt
#1050 TextPad v5 syntax files Jpm Feature Request Other
#1510 The $tagNMTVKEYDOWN structure Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1099 The GUICtrlSetPos() function redraws each draw when moving a graphic Bug AutoIt
#3101 The SciTE download links are down Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt Other
#1053 The computer hangs for a while when used DllCallbackRegister() Bug AutoIt
#2642 The function Hex() returns the wrong value Bug AutoIt
#3017 The largest negative integer value we misinterpret Bug AutoIt
#2946 The latest version autoit generated exe is not prompt for permission, event with #requestadmin Bug AutoIt
#2182 The real "ContinueCase" Feature Request AutoIt
#3632 The second parameter for _Net_Share_ShareCheck is incorrectly documented and inconsistent with related functions Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#179 The use of "[CLASS:classnane; TEXT:controltext]" method to identify controls has been broken in the latest betas Bug AutoIt Other
#611 This caused crashing: $pcLocked = DllCall("user32","Long","OpenInputDesktop") Bug AutoIt
#1460 This says $x<>1 but it shows that it is Bug AutoIt
#1963 Ticket 1658 Still Not Working in Bug AutoIt
#392 Tidy Region Nesting Jos Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt Other
#1974 Tidy autoit source auto include and global comment Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#2297 Tidy copying last line(s) of script to top of the script Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3878 Tidy corrupts user defined include lines.. Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#692 Tidy crashes on long lines Jos Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt
#1235 Tidy does not format negative cases properly Jos Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt
#2941 Tidy doesn't find Then on a continuation line in a #Tidy_Off block Bug Other Other
#1817 Tidy incorrectly formats an objects parenthesis Jos Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt
#2859 Tidy restore folds regression Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt Other
#923 Tidy upcases .eval COM object method Jos Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt Other
#1434 Tidy, Multi Line, Trivial. Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt Other
#848 Tidy.exe - enhancement to '/rel : Remove empty lines from the source.' parameter Feature Request Future Release Other
#1192 Tidy.exe crashes - when long strings are assinged again? Jos Bug Other
#117 TimeExecution Bug AutoIt
#1082 TimerDiff results in negative values and resets. Bug AutoIt
#2025 TimerInit() return data type change. Feature Request AutoIt
#765 Tip Text for label not shown after using GUICtrlSetStyle() on that label Bug AutoIt
#1159 To select an child from the device manager in win vista 32 bit machine Feature Request AutoIt
#2800 Too long lines Bug AutoIt
#2744 ToolTip and GUICtrlSetTip - Requires IE5+ Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#641 ToolTip text is not wrapped Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3778 Tooltip does not reset the position correctly Jon Bug AutoIt
#3199 TopMost fo GUI attribute is not set when using GuiSetStyle Bug AutoIt
#411 Topmost option Feature Request AutoIt
#2792 Track - Version of AutoIt >> Feature Request Other
#3076 Track Default Au3 Version Feature Request Other
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