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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Version
#3655 we need more protection on aut2exe Feature Request Aut2Exe
#3656 PCRE updates and security issues Feature Request AutoIt
#3658 Problem Number Bug AutoIt
#3661 Creating a button: want to know where it ends Feature Request AutoIt
#3662 Additional Parameter for FileGetTime() to return the milliseconds as well Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#3664 Spam Jon Feature Request AutoItX
#3666 Au3Check issue when error is in include at last line and there is no crlf at the end Bug Au3Check
#3668 .exe has stopped working error message Bug AutoIt
#3671 TCPRecv/TCPAccept wrong @error detection (also -1 and -2 ...) Bug AutoIt
#3672 AutoIt v3 Installer overwrites PowerShell Envirovment Path Jos Bug Other
#3673 $aSelectedItems already declared/assigned in GuiListView.au3 func _GUICtrlListView_SimpleSort Bug AutoIt Other
#3674 Forum: @Name breaks input Bug Other
#3676 $tagResource Help lacks some DisplayTypes Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#3677 _FileListToArrayRec()'s 2nd parameter ($sMask) seems case sensitive. Bug Standard UDFs
#3679 InetGet / InetRead - Disable Cache Option Feature Request AutoIt
#3680 Improve _ArrayBinarySearch function Melba23 Feature Request Standard UDFs
#3683 Variable must be of type object Bug AutoIt
#3685 _GUICtrlTreeView_GetItemParam should use item handle instead of control id as 2nd parameter Feature Request AutoIt
#3686 StringReplace if running under local system account Bug AutoIt
#3688 <snip> Jon Feature Request AutoItX
#3690 ieCreate function failing with Windows 10 update 1804 Bug AutoIt
#3691 Wrong link in the CLSID List page Bug Documentation
#3692 SciTE v. - the function luaL_register has removed Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3693 Invalid File on downloads page Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3694 WinGetSize function missing from AutoItX3_64 Jon Bug AutoItX
#3698 Problems Installing SciTE.exe Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3702 Make Execute capable of processing declarations Feature Request AutoIt
#3703 2 ^ 49 and further return wrong results Bug AutoIt
#3704 _FileWriteToLine docs update for hidden files water Bug Documentation
#3705 Fixed: Assigning objects by reference to COM properties Bug AutoIt
#3706 AutoIt3.exe /ErrorStdOut should output filename without quotes Bug AutoIt
#3709 IniRenameSection deletes Old section instead of New section Bug AutoIt
#3712 HotKeySet not sets Alt+F4 in Windows 10 Bug AutoIt
#3715 Au3Stripper is unable to parse some ternary expressions Jos Bug Other
#3718 AU3_ControlSend of AutoItX3_x64.dll doesn't work properly mvptest Bug AutoItX
#3719 Create and manage more tray buttons than just one Feature Request AutoIt
#3721 Extra option for collapsing a region or function Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#3723 Odd problem with _GUICtrlRichEdit_ReplaceText BrewManNH Bug Standard UDFs
#3724 _DateTimeSplit should ignore trailing Z (to accept parsing RFC3339 formated date time) Feature Request Standard UDFs
#3726 _WinAPI_PathGetArgs / _WinAPI_PathRemoveArgs -- using like the help example can lead to errors Bug Standard UDFs
#3727 $VERSION not increased in compiled script with #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_Au3Stripper=y Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3729 GUICtrlSetDefColor and GUICtrlSetDefBkColor cause inputs to fire other controls' events Bug AutoIt
#3730 Send("{BROWSER_HOME}") does not work anymore with newest Win10 and newest Autoit Bug AutoIt
#3732 _Excel_BookList water Feature Request Standard UDFs
#3735 _DebugOut all output on one line Jpm Bug AutoIt Other
#3736 _GUICtrlTreeView_Sort fails when there is just one item in TreeView Bug Standard UDFs
#3737 _ArrayUnique fails on single element array when base set to 1 Melba23 Bug AutoIt
#3742 Locate Windows Shell context menu items in an extra menu Feature Request AutoIt
#3745 bug appears on windows 10, writing to edit control freezes script and crashes it. Melba23 Bug AutoIt
#3746 Reason behind why compiled 32-bit .exe are showing as 64-bit OS / Machine Bug AutoIt
#3747 Want to add Select dropdown value Keyword to autoit robot framework library Feature Request Documentation
#3748 Running a script from a compiled script is not launching Bug AutoIt
#3749 Example in help file is wrong (StdoutRead) Bug Documentation
#3750 Typo in helpfile Bug Documentation
#3751 Abbreviation Manager with abbreviation [ Melba23 Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3752 Making mod() an infix operator Feature Request AutoIt
#3754 Help File Error Bug AutoIt
#3756 send() bug with individual spanish apostrophe ( ´ ) Bug AutoIt
#3762 au3-files are missing in src-archive Bug Documentation
#3763 Send() Optimisation Feature Request AutoIt
#3766 @IncludeScriptFullPath and @IncludeScriptName Feature Request AutoIt
#3769 automatic user UDFs and/or all included files calltips parsing Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#3770 Invalid calculation when using exponential form Bug AutoIt
#3773 Return value in SetError() is limited to 32-bit valuies Bug AutoIt
#3777 Au3Check Custom Includes Bug Au3Check
#3779 AutoIt crashes Bug AutoIt
#3781 Assign and Eval, Execute, they don't work like they should when it comes to variables. Feature Request AutoIt
#3782 Au3 stripper fail. Bug Au3Check
#3783 _WinAPI_SetThreadAffinityMask, _WinAPI_SetThreadGroupAffinity, _WinAPI_ GetProcessGroupAffinity Feature Request AutoIt
#3784 StringSplit2D Feature Request AutoIt
#3786 DirMove function returns success instead of failure Bug AutoIt
#3787 StringRegExp Feature Request AutoIt
#3788 Can't we create empty 3D arrays Feature Request AutoIt
#3792 Map should have a count method Feature Request AutoIt
#3793 Add project explorer and open folder options in scite Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#3795 Missing documention for MapAppend() Feature Request Documentation
#3796 Execute() cause crash (-1073741819) with some strings containing punctuation. Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3797 PCRE update to recent PCRE-8.44 or even to PCRE2-10.36 Feature Request AutoIt
#3799 _ChooseFont (Canceling the dialog) suggestion. Bug AutoIt
#3800 Number() - case sensivity with scientific notation by using $NUMBER_AUTO Bug AutoIt
#3801 AutoIt #include does not handle symlinks right if included file has #include-once Bug AutoIt
#3802 Window is not activated by a partial title Jon Bug AutoItX
#3803 ControlClick unaffected by MouseClickDownDelay Bug AutoIt
#3815 Remark in help regarding return value of _ArrayDelete is wrong Bug Documentation
#3820 ProgressOn() - move feature Feature Request AutoIt
#3831 GUICtrlSetPos and $GUI_DOCKHCENTER Jon Bug AutoIt
#3834 VarGetType documentation Bug Documentation
#3837 StringFormat() number of replacements performed stored in the @extended macro Feature Request AutoIt
#3839 User data in control Feature Request AutoIt
#3840 file path given does not selects properly Feature Request AutoIt
#3841 COM Error Handling Bug AutoIt
#3843 SciTE tool "Jump to Function Prod" unable to find function definition while execution is fine Bug AutoIt
#3845 Hotkeys don't work Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3851 Block Commented Includes Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3853 ArrayDisplayInternals.au3 - 6x ConsoleWrite() Bug Standard UDFs
#3854 Setting Control Color has unintended consequences in GUI Bug AutoIt
#3855 _ArrayToString for 1D array, for used in the Combo Box Bug AutoIt
#3856 FileOpenDialog passing unseen information Bug AutoIt
#3859 Extend For…Next syntax to force loop variable to be local within the loop only Feature Request AutoIt
#3860 Declared var not detected Bug Standard UDFs
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