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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Version
#1870 @GUI_DRAGFILE Jon Bug AutoIt
#1883 IsHWnd(), Return Value. (Nitpick: Value = Bool) Jon Bug AutoIt
#1901 Compiled 32bit scripts not working in system32 path on 64bit OS Valik Bug AutoIt
#1908 ObjName returns empty string for HTMLDocument with IE9 Jon Bug AutoIt
#1920 Script crashes with error reported in Security.au3 at line 85 Jon Bug AutoIt
#1923 Memory consumption while FileOpen/FileClose Jon Bug AutoIt
#1932 Uninstaller, windows-register, App Paths. (+beta) Jon Bug AutoIt
#1946 _WordCreate Error? Jon Bug AutoIt
#1949 If using a 'ContinueCase' statement causes a script to stop/crash... Bug AutoIt
#1952 Autoit & https & _IEFormSubmit doesnt work. Bug AutoIt
#1954 ListViewItem returns 0 (failure) even though it populates the ListView Jon Bug AutoIt
#1956 COM error getting reference to document in frame Jon Bug AutoIt
#1975 IE object does not recognized as valid object type Valik Bug AutoIt
#1982 FileGetShortName crashes when path is too long trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1985 _IEAction($element, "focus") does not work in IE9 Valik Bug AutoIt
#1994 Confusing helpfile info... Valik Bug AutoIt
#2003 ProcessWaitClose() using too much CPU trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2015 DllCallbackRegister() mangles floating point numbers under x64 trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2016 AU3Check will fail with DllCallAddress Bug AutoIt
#2037 COM speed deterioration trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2046 DirGetSize ( '' ) doesn't return error Valik Bug AutoIt
#2056 Excel.au3 - 5 Broken Functions Bug AutoIt
#2066 bad dllStructSetData return for int Jon Bug AutoIt
#2067 $n=-2147483648 is not an int32 trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2068 ACos() bug Valik Bug AutoIt
#2069 StringRegExpGui example produce 2 warnings Bug AutoIt
#2073 ContinueLoop crashes script if nothing to jump trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2075 GUICtrlSetImage changes icon position on resizable window Jon Bug AutoIt
#2076 Object value can't be set True trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2078 Error in com expression trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2079 Missing quotes in go-Commandline in SciTE Jos Bug AutoIt
#2105 Odd behavior Hex() Jon Bug AutoIt
#2111 RunAs broken when Authenticated Users added to Replace a process level token Valik Bug AutoIt
#2115 Installer/Uninstaller issues Bug AutoIt
#2138 GuiCtrlRead with GUICtrlSendToDummy Valik Bug AutoIt
#2146 AutoIt passes invalid handle to CloseHandle during process shutdown Valik Bug AutoIt
#2152 X^2 Not Working in Hex() Jon Bug AutoIt
#2157 ProcessList() crashes on Windows Terminal Server Win2k8-R2 Valik Bug AutoIt
#2166 StringToASCIIArray() incorrect handling of parameter Valik Bug AutoIt
#2167 $WS_EX_LAYOUTRTL and GUICtrlCreateMenu causes bug Jon Bug AutoIt
#2171 Inconsistent delay for TCPTimeout option Jpm Bug AutoIt
#2176 DllCallbackRegister crash on x64 trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2185 32-bit scripts in system32 on 64-bit Windows probably fail when using FileInstall() Bug AutoIt
#2203 InetGet Help Example (inetget.au3) guinness Bug AutoIt
#2215 Wrong(?) syntax check of default parameter value with array variable trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2222 Cyrillic names of COM object / methods trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2235 if process not exist,ProcessGetStats will not return 0. Valik Bug AutoIt
#2253 Ping returns success with no connection trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2268 _StringReverse() guinness Bug AutoIt
#2286 GuiCtrtlGetState without a controlID parameter runs but aborts AutoIt Jon Bug AutoIt
#2287 GUICtrlSetState($controlID, $GUI_ONTOP) Doesn't set on top Jon Bug AutoIt
#2299 GUI Button Text Left-Justify Bug Jon Bug AutoIt
#2309 ObjEvent on ADO.Connection not returning strings Jon Bug AutoIt
#2311 Wrong handling of casesense parameter in StringReplace Jon Bug AutoIt
#2314 Cursor Flicker - Control Jon Bug AutoIt
#2315 Server 2012 @OSVersion not correct Jpm Bug AutoIt
#2316 PowerPoint COM event handler initialization error Jon Bug AutoIt
#2335 __WinAPI_EnumWindowsChild() creates results in wrong sequence Jpm Bug AutoIt
#2350 Strange issue when using $SS_ETCHEDVERT and $SS_ETCHEDHORZ Jon Bug AutoIt
#2361 RegRead doesn't read REG_QWORD values Jon Bug AutoIt Other
#2362 ControlGetText, WinGetTitle sometimes reads ANSI as Wide Jon Bug AutoIt
#2363 Call with invalid proc regression Jon Bug AutoIt
#2364 Call with CallArgArray regression in beta Jon Bug AutoIt
#2366 For loop not working as expected Jon Bug AutoIt
#2367 beta regression on retrieving twice same $oIE.document Jon Bug AutoIt
#2372 Function incorrect number of parameters error on wrong line Jon Bug AutoIt
#2373 @ScriptDir returns trailing slash Bug AutoIt
#2384 UDPRecv() and TCPRecv() not setting @error correctly in some instances. Jon Bug AutoIt
#2405 Possible issue with FileGetVersion. Jon Bug AutoIt
#2453 FileFindNextFile can find not-matching mask files if non-English letters presented in the file name Jon Bug AutoIt
#2455 Mouse Cursor not changing on resizable GUIs Jon Bug AutoIt
#2461 GUICtrlSetImage doesn't handle certain types of .gif file Jon Bug AutoIt
#2471 Bad restore for script using $WS_EX_LAYOUTRTL Jon Bug AutoIt
#2478 Assign and Eval do not restrict variable names Jon Bug AutoIt
#2502 COW optimization incorrect Jon Bug AutoIt
#2509 _FileWriteToLine Bug Bug AutoIt
#2512 ObjName crash Jon Bug AutoIt
#2514 _FileWriteFromArray - Count of elements in 2nd dimension is fixed to 3! Bug AutoIt
#2518 Static evaluates incorrect Jon Bug AutoIt
#2520 UPX 3.91 Feature Request AutoIt
#2523 SQlite Doesn't Work Bug AutoIt
#2538 GUISetAccelerators should take care of disabled control Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#2541 Obj in Loop - AutoIt3.exe ended.rc:-1073741819 Jon Bug AutoIt
#2562 StringRegExp & Null character Jon Bug AutoIt
#2566 "global" cursor in GUISetCursor fails. Jon Bug AutoIt
#2568 StringStripWS does not strip Chr(0) as Help file states Jon Bug AutoIt
#2573 GUISetCursor not working correctly Jon Bug AutoIt
#2576 Scripts not working anymore on Athlon XP 2600+ and Windows XP Bug AutoIt
#2580 Aut2Exe failing to run multiple times on Windows XP prior to SP3 Jon Bug AutoIt
#2581 Dec ( "hex" [, flag = 0] ) Does not respond like before. Jon Bug AutoIt
#2588 Menu/Statusbar location problem Jon Bug AutoIt
#2596 TCPRecv not returning data, and setting @error to -1 Jon Bug AutoIt
#2605 Macro @ScriptLineNumber returns incorrect line Bug AutoIt
#2613 AutoIt crashes whenever an array value returned from a WMI query is null Jon Bug AutoIt
#2623 RegDelete() returns 0 instead of 2 when unable to delete key Jon Bug AutoIt
#2626 ControlGetText wrong encoding for some words. Jon Bug AutoIt
#2634 Treat keyword Default like an unset optional parameter Feature Request AutoIt
#2639 Unable to Copy/Paste from Embedded IE object Jon Bug AutoIt
#2640 Surprising conversion Jon Bug AutoIt
#2648 FileSaveDialog extension value Jon Bug AutoIt
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