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  • AutoIt v3.3.13.20 Beta By Jon

    • 631 (21st March, 2015) (Beta)
    Changed: Map uses 64-bit integers. 
    Fixed #2920: Doc precision about no control position/resizing on initially window for GUiCreate()/WinMove().Fixed #2924: Progress bar style documentation. 
    Changed: Removed internal redraw code from _GUIListView_DeleteAllItems() and _GUIListView_DeleteSelectedItems().Changed: _ArrayUnique() can now deal with Int64 values via new parameter,Changed: _SQLite -> Re-wrote _StringInsert() using native functions.Changed: _HexToString() to _StringToHex() now handles strings and binary as UTF-8 by default.Changed: _FileWriteToLine() overwrite optional parameter is now boolean and not an integer of zero or one. The old values are still supported for now.Changed: _Word_DocOpen() changed from @error = 4 to @error = 0 and @extended = 1 if document could not be opened Read-Write. THIS IS A SCRIPT BREAKING CHANGEChanged: Re-wrote _MathCheckDiv().Added #2877: _GUICtrlRichEdit_GetFont() example improvement.Added #2857: _GUICtrlEdit_GetCueBanner() and _GUICtrlEdit_SetCueBanner().Added #2860: Convert UDF's ptr to struct* type to allow direct passing of a structure.Added #2891: _WinAPI_GetWindowDC() and _WinAPI_RedrawWindow() examples.Added: More _GDIPlus_Font* functions.Added: _WinAPI_GetFontResourceInfo() return more Font information.Added: _WinAPI_GetFontMemoryResourceInfo().Added #2922: _VersionCompare() with different number of fields.Added #2968: Optional parameter $iMSeconds to _SetTime().Added: $SB_ANSI, $SB_UTF16LE, $SB_UTF16BE and $SB_UTF8 constants to StringConstants.au3, for use with BinaryToString() and StringToBinary().Added: Constants to Assign() and IsDeclared().Added #2982: _FTP_Connect() example improvement.Added #2976: #pragma default value.Added #2998: Added missing key (03 - control-break processing) to the _IsPressed() documentation. 
    Fixed #2868: _WinAPI_SfcIsKeyProtected() ->_WinAPI_SfcIsFileProtected() doc example.Fixed #2874: _GUICtrlRichEdit_SetCharColor() not at insertpoint.Fixed #2875: Broken link in _SendMessage() doc.Fixed #2876: examples running under Windows X64 in 32 bit mode.Fixed #2880: Example for _WinAPI_OpenProcess().Fixed #2881: HotKeySet() doc as "{ASC nnnn}" cannot be usedFixed #2885: Subscript error with _ArrayMax() and _ArrayMin().Fixed #2909: Backslash was not appended in _PathMake() if $sDir was blank.Fixed #2908: _ScreenCapture_Capture() failing due to out of bounds error.Fixed #2911: _ArrayDisplay() GUI controls have wrong coords.Fixed #2917: _WinAPI_AddMRUString() example crash when run in X64 mode (Msdn Bug CreateMRUListW !!!).Fixed #2918: _GDIPlus_GetEncoderParameterList() not working.Fixed: Range setting in _ArrayDisplay().Fixed #2923: Broken link in Related section.Fixed #2934: Typo in _GUICtrlRichEdit_SetZoom() doc.Fixed #2933: Constants reference in _GUICtrlRichEdit_StreamToVar() doc.Fixed: _Array_FindAll() return array incorrectly dimesioned for row search.Fixed #2964: Incorrect structure for $tagWNDCLASS.- Fixed: _WinAPI_IsWritable() wrong detection when the device is not ready.- Fixed: The seconds parameter in _SetTime() being set as milliseconds.- Fixed #2967: Incorrect format of AM/PM when the time was 00:00.- Fixed #2993: _WinApi_GetString() doc. 
    Fixed #2882: PixelChecksum bugs. 
    Added: Support of UTF8 with BOM files. 
    Changed: Version number to 
     Fixed: Crash in SciTE when multiple lines are selected. 
    Added: IconsMyAutoit3_*.ico to be used when compiling user scripts (small footprint).