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Hello Everyone :), Are you tired of searching the forum for getting both the exit code & the stdout output? Then your are in the right place!


With this UDF you can get the both output & exit code of the command or the console app! Or you can get the exit code of another process without having to use RunWait...


1. Simple & Lightweight (15 KB)

2. Detailed comments & description

3. Flexible functions with many optional parameters :)

A BIG THANKS TO PsaltyDS for the functions! 2 of the (main) functions in the UDF are his work :)


List of functions:

_Process_RunCommand: Runs a command or a executable

_Process_WaitUntil: Waits until a process starts or quits. Also returns the exit code...

_Process_GetPID: Gets the PID of the process using the name of the process

_Process_GetPath: Get the path of a process along with its arguments (if any)

_Process_GetHandle: Gets the handle of a process, will be used later to retrive the exit code

_Process_CloseHandle: Closes the Process Handle of a process

_Process_GetExitCode: Gets the exit code of a process

_Process_DebugRunCommand: Debugs a command in CMD style, see the example.

What's New in Version 1.3


Added $PROCESS_DEBUG option

Changed Constant's values, they now are powers of 2 (for compatability with BitAND)

Changed _Process_RunCommand to accept $PROCESS_DEBUG, You can now debug directly using this function :)

Changed _Process_DebugRunCommand, Now you can resize it


Also some little cleanups ;)

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I cant capture command line progress bar using the UDF please help!!! anyways nice UDF

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