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String Trigger 2.4

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About This File

This is another take on string triggers, triggers on specific strings.

Able to simple text pasting,

opening links (as long as there's a www. http:\\ or https:\\ at the beggining)

and is able to open applications.

The user selects the modifier key, and then uses a combination of that key with a couple others to perform tasks like

screenshot the active window, (modkey + prtscr), turn off the screen (modkey + pause / break),

open clipboard string in registry (modkey + R), change system volume (modkey + arrouw up/dn).

The following keys pressed at the same time prompt for shutdown: S+D+T

The following keys pressed at the same time prompt for restart: S+R+T

Middle mouse button click on titlebar minimizes to tray, or a left mouse button click in the icon in the tray also minimizes.

Trigger is set off by space or enter, and timeouts after 3 seconds.

Shows your external, lan, and gateway ip's, can refresh with right mouse click, and opens the default browser if the correspondent button is pressed.

Able to change system volume by a set percentage, reading from the inputbox the number the user sets, if 0 or empty uses system default.

I made this because the existing string trigger applications didn't do it for me for a number of reasons.

I did this for me, but if someone finds it useful all the better.

What's New in Version 2.4


Couple of tweaks into some functions.

Added a yellow "light" while checking the ip's

User Feedback

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For get source run it with cmd: /source

For other file get on: @LocalAppDataDir & '\StrTrigger'

FocusDlg  is x64 Autoit App => can't open user for OS x86!

Function get Lan IP is bad (not support multi card)

The program needs to be optimized and repaired!

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Thank you for the input, unfortunately i only got one lan card.

What else do you think needs to be optimized and repaired?

It doesn't work for you?

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Posted (edited)

Ok, can you try again?

The focusdlg should be good now.

The ip should only appear if certain conditions are met.

Edited by careca

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Nice application. One thing is that when it's in the tray and I try to right or left click on it and I move the cursor over the icon I get a notification message that blocks the lower part of the tray preventing me from clicking.  It disappears and reappears so I can eventually click the icon.

I like getting the "show clipboard" but I'd like it to pause between notifications or delay a second before showing so I can click on the icon in the tray.  Thanks.  


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Posted (edited)

Hi, thanks for the input, i dont get that behaviour, the toast shows up  when i hover the tray icon, but it's not supposed to cover the icons, and here it doesn't. Can you tell me your resolution, and whether you use "small taskbar icons" or normal icons? The application is supposed to distinguish between them and place the toast on the correct place, just over the tray icons.

EDIT: Ok, found a way to retrieve the working area of the desktop minus the taskbar, will implement soon, i'd appreciate if you could test it and come back with the result.

EDIT2: New version is up.




Edited by careca

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Posted (edited)

Sorry, I should have been clearer about what is hidden. 

It's the "grey box of hidden taskbar icons" above the taskbar and below the word 'Views' that is blocked. 

I notice in your screenshot you don't use hidden icons so I hope you've seen how they work and will understand what I'm talking about.  If you use them you  get an icon on the taskbar that looks like ^ and  when you click it a menu box of icons opens above the task bar.

If I expose string-trigger icon on the taskbar I'd be ok but when it's with the hidden icons and I open the "box of hidden icons" and move the cursor over the string-trigger icon to click it the toast blocks. 

Since the toast repeatedly opens and closes when you hover over the icon maybe setting a check not to reopen within 2-3 seconds rather than repositioning the toast would be helpful.  

Another solution\work around would be for me to position the string-trigger icon in the upper left of the hidden icon box.  Then the toast goes below it and I'm ok.  Anyway thanks for considering this.


Edited by wolflake

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You're correct, i didn't notice it was about the hidden icons box, i see clearly the issue now, im going to work on that, not sure how just yet, but something will come up.

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