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I've lost my user ID. Help!

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Hi, I need to recover my username from applytexas.org. See, I sent an application to a certain college before thinking that that was where I wanted to go, but then have decided to change schools last minute. However, I've deleted my email which contained my application ID and username, which are required to recover my credentials.

So basically, I want to use this program to guess 3 digits in the application recovery form. I've figured out that in order to regain my credentials, I need basically need to guess a 3 digit number. If you look at the bottom of https://www.applytexas.org/adappc/gen/profile_lookup.WBX, you'll see that you need your ID, last name, and DOB to recover your password. I know my ID starts with "cao" and ends with 3 digits. IIRC, the first digit is either a 2 or 4. I have all the other info. I just need to build a script that would let me auto guess the 3 digit combination. Can you guys help me with this? I'm a graphic designer, so I have nominal experience scripting... Any help is appreciated.

BTW, who would build a site that handles college applications that does not even provide an email address for customer support?? That is beyond me... /rant

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I would suggest contacting the proper individuals rather than guessing your ID, since there are 200 combinations:

First digit has 2 possibilities, 2^1

Last two digits have 10 possibilities, 10^2

(2^1)*(10^2) = 200.

It wouldn't be hard to output every combination, but it wouldn't be worth the work to try them all - and that type of script (brute force) may be frowned upon here.

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