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sending blocks of text

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Im piecing together a little app that when a button is clicked will dump a paragraph of text into an open telnet session

I know I can use the send function to send it a keystroke at a time or use ClipPut() to dump it tot eh clipboard then send ctrl V to paste it but would rather not use this as it would overwrite anything currently in the clipboard

is there another method of doing this ?



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ControlSetText() if it was a control, but im doubting it is if your telneting.

Try something like...

$text = "Your large block of text goes here"

$clipboard = ClipGet(); get current clipboard data

ClipPut($text) ; put your large block to clipboard
Send("CTRL+V") ; or controlsend() ; send to telent session
ClipPut($clipboard) ; replace clipboard as if nothing happend.


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Something like this maybe

Func _PasteText($SText)
    $var = ClipGet()
    ;code to gety your text
    ;code to send text to telnet

Edit: beaten to it.

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